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November 3, 2013

“Shout for joy to God, all the earth; sing the glory of his name; give to him glorious praise!”  Psalm 66:1-2

The electron microscope creates images from a beam of electrons.  This microscope reveals details of the microscopic world by exposing it to magnification of up to 10 million times.  These details have never been knowable until Hans Busch developed the first electron microscope in 1926.

Humans have been oblivious to the precision of shark’s skin, the geometric beauty of a fly’s eye, the symmetry of a butterfly’s wing, the wonder of a human egg, for a majority of human history.





Images from Electron Microscope – Exploring the Beauty in 3D Images (30 Photos).

Mankind has spent our time on this planet in relative ignorance of the world swirling around them.  We spend our days consumed by the busyness of life as wonder after wonder occurs around and within us.  There is wonder in the fly that annoys my rest.  There is amazing complexity in the regular exchange of oxygen from air to blood that I take for granted with every breath.  The development of life does not get any less marvelous the closer one looks.

We are forced to conclude that the details in the microscopic world were not created for mankind.  There is a beauty in creation that man’s eye cannot see.  Why?  Why create beauty that man cannot know and appreciate?

God did not create the microscopic for man.
God did not create the outer limits of the universe for man.

If the majority of creation was not created for me, it is presumptuous to assume the miniscule faction of creation that I can perceive was created for me.

The microscopic was not created for me.
The cosmos were not created for me.
All the wonders of known science were not created for me.
Therefore, all that I can see and possess were not created for me.

If nothing in the vastness of this world was created for me, then even I, my being, was not created for me.  I am a part of a vast created world, most of which I am oblivious to.  If it was not created for me then why was it created?

We are told that the whole world declares His glory.

The glory of our Creator is declared as we stare at the vastness of the cosmos.
Yet, His glory does not end at the limit of our telescopes.

The glory of our Creator is declared in the minuscule.
Yet, His glory does not end at the limit of our bifocals or the electron microscope.

The glory of our Creator is declared in all that we see.
Yet, we have a voice in His glory through all that we know of His creation.

Mankind has a very special role in all of creation.  We have been created in the image of God.  God gave us a role unique in all of creation.  God created us so that we can know and glorify Him.  We can proclaim His glory through our knowledge of science, medicine, philosophy and all other areas of knowledge.

We were created for Him.  The entire world passively declares this reality.
Yet, we have been created to actively participate in the single declaration of the universe – to sing the glory of His name; give to Him glorious praise!

May we look to creation and join in our created purpose!

PRAYER: Lord, you are glorious and greatly to be praised.  I raise my voice with all of creation to sing of your mercy and grace, to sing of your mighty works, to sing of you abounding love, to sing of your glory.  I join my voice with all of creation to fill heaven with the sound of your praise; let your glory resound.  (All of Creation, Mercy Me_.  I pray this in the precious name of your Son,  Jesus Christ.   Amen.

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