December 17, 2021

This year has not been the best. We lost our dear sister-in-law and our beloved Pastor. We have dealt with a fair amount of death these last two years. My thoughts landed on these fluttering seeds that were filling the air while I was sitting on the porch mourning those gone and those going. Life is so short. It is but a seed. Imagine what we will become when we leave this branch we call earth.

JD Blom

Seeds blown by wind 
Fill the sky 
Meant for a time 
Beyond the branch 

Pods all aligned
their only home
all they have known

A span of time
Short as a spring 
Long as a life 

From a blossom
All fresh and green
Dried by the sun

Time soon to leave
But hanging on
Safe by a stem

Suddenly came  
The dreaded day
Wind torn away

Tired and weakened
Carried away
Branch left behind

Into pure sky
To twirl and soar
Untethered life

Awakened world
Shocking freedom
All so anew

Moved without choice
Not stripped of hope
A will in wind

Carried to where
Seeds are planted
Grow and flourish

Stripped of seed form
Husk left behind
Ready for soil

New creation
A seed transformed
Eternal now

A brief season 
Just enough 
Meant for a time 
Beyond the branch 


  1. so beautifully penned.. love your poem.

    • Thank you Cindy. Poetry is a new exploration for me. So, I appreciate the encouragement!

      • you’re so welcome JD.. you could have fooled me!

  2. Yes, 2021 is a memorable year for all of us. Not only you lots of people lost their own due to the second wave of Corona! Me also.

  3. I’m sorry for your losses. It’s been a brutal couple of years. I hope you find peace through the process of healing.

    • Thanks; through it all we learn again that God is on His throne. I am still hoping to one day make it out your way and join you on a ride!

      • I’ll keep a spot in the pace-line for you!

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