QUOTE (T.S. Eliot)

January 4, 2016

T.S. Eliot“So long…as we consider finance, industry, trade, agriculture merely as competing interests to be reconciled from time to time as best they may, so long as we consider “education” as a good in itself of which everyone has a right to the utmost, without any ideal of the good life for society or for the individual, we shall move from one uneasy compromise to another. To the quick and simple organization of society for ends which, being only material and worldly, must be as ephemeral as worldly success, there is only one alternative. As political philosophy derives its sanction from ethics, and ethics from the truth of religion, it is only by returning to the eternal source of truth that we can hope for any social organization which will not, to its ultimate destruction, ignore some essential aspect of reality. The term “democracy,” as I have said again and again, does not contain enough positive content to stand alone against the forces that you dislike––it can easily be transformed by them. If you will not have God (and He is a jealous God) you should pay your respects to Hitler or Stalin.”
~ T.S. Eliot

In honor of Thomas Stearns Eliot, one of the twentieth century’s major poets, who died on this day in 1965.


T.S. Eliot, If You Will Not Have God
Today in Christian History


  1. I know a lot about him. I didn’t know this.
    Even more brilliant then I knew. Thank you for posting.

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  3. Timely. Very timely!

  4. Thank you very much for the revisit.

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    A very interesting quotation to remember T.S. Elliot on his birthday.

  6. Resounding truth!

  7. I find this thoughtfully heroic, especially for an Anglo-Catholic.

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    Great quote!

  9. Great quote! Reblogging this!

  10. We need a leadership who honours God to hold the reigns of a nation’s future in their hands. True Godly Wisdom is in deed needed, for a healthy economy.

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