September 1, 2011



“Then the Lord said, “As my servant Isaiah has walked naked and barefoot for three years as a sign and portent against Egypt and Cush,…” Isaiah 20:3


I was just in San Francisco for work.  As we were leaving the City, we saw two naked guys riding their bikes on the wharf.  I could not believe that there were two naked guys pedaling back and forth.  I noticed them.  I wondered why they were doing that.  What is the reason that you strip down and head to a populated area?  What was their deal? 

I think it is safe to conclude that Isaiah was not going to go unnoticed.  It had to have been embarrassing.  The fact that he did it for three years probably made people think he was a little crazy.  It probably also made people wonder what his deal was.

Isaiah was willing to go around for three years completely naked because God told him to do it.  It answers any question as to whether God would ask me to do something that may make me look foolish or may make me uncomfortable.

Why would Isaiah do something like this?  He had seen God; he had seen His glory.  Therefore, he feared God more than he feared man.  He cared more about be obedient to God then about what people thought about him.  How often do I care more about what people think about me then being obedient to God?   The majority of people who saw Isaiah probably did not know what his deal was.  Just like the naked bicyclists in San Francisco, I did not know what their deal was.  God had a plan for Isaiah and his message.  Obedience was the choice for Isaiah.  Obedience is the choice for everyone.    

God cares more about His message than the reputation and comfort of His servants.

PRAYER: Lord, thank you for the example of Isaiah.  Forgive me for loving the praise of men so much.  I think about being told to do something similar to what you told Isaiah to do and I shrink back.  Create in me a bold heart that desires to serve you no matter what. Amen

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