December 6, 2012

Here is a blog of great value. I don’t know Sam Cox but I love his obvious heart for God. He is a ninety-three years old, world war two, veteran and retired pastor. We can learn a lot from a man who has walked with his Lord for so many years.

Poems from His heart

That I should escape the torments of Hell

For everlastingly?

He died for me, spotless Lamb of God!

That I in sin should go free!



Forbid it Lord that I should ever boast,

Saved in my Redeemer’s shed blood!

My works presuming to be so good!

Not as good as they should!



My God embodied in pure tenderness!

And can it be that He can see everyone

At a single glance for all of time?

His pure existence amazes me!



Can it be that He knew that He would die?

For all!  And the mode of death!

Omniscience His foreknowledge (knows all things!)

Not we breathing, breathing breath!



How can all this be?  So then, how can it not?

Knowing we would sin and live in it!

Beginning of time, He died on that cross!

His life dying bit by bit!




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