May 19, 2013

The following are some of my  favorite internet waves from surfing the web the last couple weeks.


People tell me judge not lest ye be judged. I always tell them, twist not scripture lest ye be like satan. ~ Paul Washer

Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. ~ Corrie ten Boom


“These are the elements of praying with strength:  passion, simplicity, and faith.”  I need to be reminded of these essentials.  Not Length but Strength

This post on defining willpower was helpful in thinking about self-control and temptation.  Defining Willpower 

This article is a reminder that I need daily.  I can become so focused on what I have obtained through the gospel that I begin to think it is all about me.  The Gospel Isn’t About You

God does push us to face the impossible.  God wants us to go beyond ourselves.  God’s Mercy in Making us Face the Impossible 

God truly is enough.  Why do we tend to forget that?  God is Enough ~ How Hannah Found True Happiness


“I’m feeling so sick and so tired, Of living this life uninspired”; a wonderful poem that expresses feelings that we all have experienced.  Infiltrate

We all need to be rescued no matter the show of strength that we put on.  Rescue

The prayer of my heart; this poem captures it so beautifully.  The Way


I was surprised that this speech was made by Charlie Chaplin but I wish it were real.  If only more world leaders believed these words.  The Greatest Speech Ever Made – Charlie Chaplin


Here are some key things that we writers can incorporate into everything we write.  How to Write with Style

I never really thought of myself as a writer until about a year ago.  However, I might have had writer tendencies long before according to this list.  25 Signs You’re a Writer

This post has some very good suggestions on how to do this blogging thing better.  Save Time with these Great Running-A-Blog Tips


Fitness is always about finding time to do it.  This article has a 7 minute workout that should remove all excuses or at least show us the excuse in our lack of time argument.  The Scientific 7 Minute Workout

I really need a running breakthrough so this article was timely.  How to Have a Running Breakthrough


You feel every rock and crack in the road on a road bike.  I think I need some of these wheels.   The British Engineer Who Really HAS Reinvented the Wheel

Evidently, I need to start watching my cadence readout during my climbing training.   Cycling Skills: Climb Smarter

I have no doubts that these workouts will work but they look like they will hurt.  2 Workouts to Boost Your Cycling Speed


I really want to get faster as a runner.  I am a slow grinder of a runner.  I think I will try to include some of the suggestions from this article.  Essential Drills for Speed and Efficiency

I never really know what to do with my arms while running.  I have tried to just forget about them and let them do what feels natural.  This articles gives some better suggestions. Proper Arm Carriage and Mechanics: Adam St. Pierre, MS Exercise Physiology


There was a man who had a heart attack and died during the swim at the triathlon I did last year.  Evidently, this has become more common; sort of freaks me out.  Swimming Deaths Trouble Triathlon Officials


The maze seems to be the perfect expression of a gardener.  I have always wanted to make one of these.  Mazes of the World

I guess my style is that of a country garden.  Style Counsel:  Country Gardens


Wonderful detail and a little freaky.  Matchstick Men Installation

It is just awesome to watch someone draw without an eraser.  Art Attack // Styrofoam Cup Artist Boey


I have no idea how a dog can learn a subway schedule but evidently they can.  How much is that doggy on the subway? Woof. Woof.

I am a sucker for cycling videos.  Here is a whole round-up of them.   Friday MTB video round-up


Here are some photographs with beautiful color:

Red Sunset  
Splendid Yellow Forest  
This is Extremely Pretty   

These photographs capture the art of life so very well.  Epic Train

So very cool; a glowing beach.  We live in an amazing world.  Pic of the Day: Luminescent Beach


Beware of getting baptized in Alaska.  Just for Laughs – Baptism

This couple is awesome.  There are some talented people out in the world that never get the spot-light.  Pumpcast News, Part 1

"Thumbs up" picture, mostly uploaded...


  1. ‘Love the Corrie ten Boom quote, and the posts titled, ” God’s Mercy in Making Us Face the Impossible,” and “Save Time with These Great Running-A-Blog Tips.” Couldn’t help but notice the author of the “God’s Mercy” post is Jon Blom. Is that you? A relative? The fictional dialogue between Abraham and Sarah brings new life to the familiar story. Well done!

    P.S. Thank you VERY much for including my blog-post, “Not Length But Strength,” on this Like-List. I’m greatly honored.

  2. Wonderful list to choose from. and the photography.

  3. I have noticed that there are certain articles that you have stumbled across that never seem to peak my interest…..hahaha…..I will mention that I do understand we are made up of body, mind, and spirit BUT there just has to be a better way of keeping the OLD joints oiled than the articles you suggest….. like just getting up out of the chair a couple of times a day!

  4. good selection! Have a blessed day!

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