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May 9, 2014

“But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day.” Proverbs 4:18

I don’t like my shadow!

I have been spending a lot of time running. I am still building up my running miles for the Boise Ironman 70.3. I ran 10.6 miles (17.06 km) last night with two more weeks left to top 13 miles before starting to taper down prior to race day. As a result, my shadow and I have been spending a lot of time together on the lonely rural roads of my running routes.

Running is far more mental than you might think. It is very easy to fall out of form. I try to concentrate on a high cadence, feet landing under me at mid-sole, chest forward, arms pumping like a gun-slinger, and deep breathing. It feels great when it all comes together.

57536-largest_2012KonaTop15run4I feel like an athlete when I hit that rhythm in form. Images of my favorite triathlon videos play in my mind:

Bevan Docherty – Super-human Triathlon Sprint Finish
Crazy sprint finish between Javier Gomez & Jonathan Brownlee

My imagination paints the course of my impending race over the abandoned fields. I can envision myself running with long, fluid strides trailing behind me, speeding me to the finish line.

At a glance, my shadow crushes these delusions. When I look about me, I will catch a sight of my shadow. My shadow does not remind me of the runners in my favorite videos. It reminds me of Forest Gump and not the young Forest Gump but the desert shuffling Forest Gump. My strides look short and my torso looks fat as my shadow mockingly shuffles beside me.

forrest-gump-the-original-ultra-runnerI don’t like my shadow because it conveys a truth that is not helpful to dwell upon – I am sliding to 50 years old; I’ve been running (inconsistently) for less than 3 years; I can still lose another 10 pounds; and I am slow. Dwelling upon what I am, does not deliver me to what I am becoming and does not let me enjoy how far I have come.

surreal-running-shadow-scaledTherefore, I prefer to run into the sun. When I run to the sun, my shadow falls behind me and out of sight. I still am who I am – a middle-aged guy trying to stay in shape.  I know that I will never be an elite athlete,  but that reality does not need to steal the joy of being a triathlete and participating in the race.

Many people don’t realize that we cast a similar spiritual shadow. As Christians, we are being transformed from one degree to another into the image of Christ. We travel down our God-ordained paths of righteousness with the light of Dawn shining upon us; the Son illuminating our lives as we follow Him. However, the enlightenment of the Spirit will cast a shadow from all the areas of our lives that remain sinful and disobedient.

We can see who we were in our spiritual shadows. We can see all those areas of our lives where the righteousness of Christ has not cast away all darkness. I get discouraged by glimpses of my spiritual shadow – those plaguing sins; those inconsistent disciplines; those worldly loves; the slow pace of my sanctification.  In the past, I have become so discouraged that I questioned my salvation.  Focusing on my spiritual shadow resulted in a joyless religion.  Dwelling upon my sin never delivered me to what Jesus is making me and never raised praise in how much I have been transformed.

businessman-running-to-the-sunrise-with-his-shadowTherefore, I prefer to travel the path of righteousness with my face toward the Son. When I consciously focus my mind on the things of the Spirit, my spiritual shadow falls behind me and out of sight. This is not to minimize sin and the need to faithfully follow Christ, but that work is in front of us. What we have been or who we are, does not dictate who we are transformed into when our lives are illuminated by Christ.  I might never be an elite man of faith.  I know that I am a sinner in need of a Savior.  I also know that I am a Child of God with a seat at His table and that is more than enough to motivate me to continue in the joy of my salvation.

Don’t allow the joy of your salvation to be stolen
by focusing on your spiritual shadow.

Focus on the Son and enjoy the work of the Spirit in your life.

PRAYER: Father, thank you for redeeming.  Thank you for sanctifying me.  Turn my eyes toward you and away from all my continued failings.  Father, keep my face turned towards, you as I walk in the light of your Son as I continue along the path of righteousness that you have laid before me.  Keep me from being discouraged by my spiritual shadow.    I pray this in the precious name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen

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May 19, 2013

The following are some of my  favorite internet waves from surfing the web the last couple weeks.


People tell me judge not lest ye be judged. I always tell them, twist not scripture lest ye be like satan. ~ Paul Washer

Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. ~ Corrie ten Boom


“These are the elements of praying with strength:  passion, simplicity, and faith.”  I need to be reminded of these essentials.  Not Length but Strength

This post on defining willpower was helpful in thinking about self-control and temptation.  Defining Willpower 

This article is a reminder that I need daily.  I can become so focused on what I have obtained through the gospel that I begin to think it is all about me.  The Gospel Isn’t About You

God does push us to face the impossible.  God wants us to go beyond ourselves.  God’s Mercy in Making us Face the Impossible 

God truly is enough.  Why do we tend to forget that?  God is Enough ~ How Hannah Found True Happiness


“I’m feeling so sick and so tired, Of living this life uninspired”; a wonderful poem that expresses feelings that we all have experienced.  Infiltrate

We all need to be rescued no matter the show of strength that we put on.  Rescue

The prayer of my heart; this poem captures it so beautifully.  The Way


I was surprised that this speech was made by Charlie Chaplin but I wish it were real.  If only more world leaders believed these words.  The Greatest Speech Ever Made – Charlie Chaplin


Here are some key things that we writers can incorporate into everything we write.  How to Write with Style

I never really thought of myself as a writer until about a year ago.  However, I might have had writer tendencies long before according to this list.  25 Signs You’re a Writer

This post has some very good suggestions on how to do this blogging thing better.  Save Time with these Great Running-A-Blog Tips


Fitness is always about finding time to do it.  This article has a 7 minute workout that should remove all excuses or at least show us the excuse in our lack of time argument.  The Scientific 7 Minute Workout

I really need a running breakthrough so this article was timely.  How to Have a Running Breakthrough


You feel every rock and crack in the road on a road bike.  I think I need some of these wheels.   The British Engineer Who Really HAS Reinvented the Wheel

Evidently, I need to start watching my cadence readout during my climbing training.   Cycling Skills: Climb Smarter

I have no doubts that these workouts will work but they look like they will hurt.  2 Workouts to Boost Your Cycling Speed


I really want to get faster as a runner.  I am a slow grinder of a runner.  I think I will try to include some of the suggestions from this article.  Essential Drills for Speed and Efficiency

I never really know what to do with my arms while running.  I have tried to just forget about them and let them do what feels natural.  This articles gives some better suggestions. Proper Arm Carriage and Mechanics: Adam St. Pierre, MS Exercise Physiology


There was a man who had a heart attack and died during the swim at the triathlon I did last year.  Evidently, this has become more common; sort of freaks me out.  Swimming Deaths Trouble Triathlon Officials


The maze seems to be the perfect expression of a gardener.  I have always wanted to make one of these.  Mazes of the World

I guess my style is that of a country garden.  Style Counsel:  Country Gardens


Wonderful detail and a little freaky.  Matchstick Men Installation

It is just awesome to watch someone draw without an eraser.  Art Attack // Styrofoam Cup Artist Boey


I have no idea how a dog can learn a subway schedule but evidently they can.  How much is that doggy on the subway? Woof. Woof.

I am a sucker for cycling videos.  Here is a whole round-up of them.   Friday MTB video round-up


Here are some photographs with beautiful color:

Red Sunset  
Splendid Yellow Forest  
This is Extremely Pretty   

These photographs capture the art of life so very well.  Epic Train

So very cool; a glowing beach.  We live in an amazing world.  Pic of the Day: Luminescent Beach


Beware of getting baptized in Alaska.  Just for Laughs – Baptism

This couple is awesome.  There are some talented people out in the world that never get the spot-light.  Pumpcast News, Part 1

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WHAT I LIKED – April 28

April 28, 2013

The following are some of my  favorite internet waves from surfing the web the last couple weeks.


Whoever is not satisfied with Christ alone, strives after something beyond absolute perfection. ~ John Calvin


These wonderful words remind us that the Lord will not allow us the misconception that we are strong.  The Lord’s strength is made perfect in our weakness.  Weakness is not a condition to be avoided.  It is a condition to be embraced.  Weakness is the Way by J. I. Packer

I appreciated the careful explanation of how to view the interaction between science and faith.  God vs Science  God vs Science – Part 2

This article provided a vivid reminder of the eternal care that is continually being shown to us by our Lord, of which we are often unaware.  God’s Protection


Man’s heart has not changed in 400 years.  This beautiful poem will resonate will all who have walked by faith through difficult times.  Obsession (After George Herbert’s “Affliction (IV)”)

Praise God for lifting us up, “high off the ground making my steps solid and sound.”  He Lifts Me Up…


The power of encouraging words and not listening to the critics.  The Last Pick – Jeremy Lin

This one is for all those in Scotland.  God has given you a beautiful isle.  It makes me want to go visit Scotland and see for myself.  HDR Timelapse Scotland, Isle of Skye


For those who desire to glorify God through the written word, these scriptures will be an encouragement.  25 Encouraging Bible Verses for Writers


Open water swims still have me a little nervous since I do all of my training in a pool without people bumming up against me.  I can use all the advice I can get.  My tips for Open Water Swimming


I know the importance and benefits of stretching but it is mostly theory for me.  This article took away many of my excuses.  3 Stretches for Time-Crunched Cyclists


This is a post that I can relate to.  There have been many times when I have been convinced that I have been born without a diaphragm.  Old Dog, New Tricks


Videos are so helpful to evaluate technique.  This is a really good demonstration.  Part 2 – How to ‘Work Less, Swim Better’ in Triathlon

Here are some very good steps to focus on in the pool.  The relaxed part is so crucial and so hard to do.  How to Swim Fast and Relaxed


I found a little maple sapling that was tucked safely away beneath some boxwoods.  I think I might try my hand at bonsaing the little bugger.   Bonsai 101

This is just a clever idea for reducing the time behind a hose.  PicPost: Bottle it up


I have never even heard about painting on water.  This is pretty cool.  I want to know who first thought that this would work.  Painting on Water

I love to watch art spring forth from the unexpected.  Making of de l’installation de Bernard Pras à l’Institut Français de Ouagadougou


This is ridiculous.  How can someone flip like that?  Gymnast Got Some Ridiculous Backflips!


Wonderfully symmetric images; there is just something relaxing about balance.  Symmetrees

Having just been to San Francisco, I love the time lapse of the city lighting up.  Time Lapse – The Bay Bridge Lights


Hey, if you are given a ball, you are supposed to throw it…right?  Child Throws Back Foul Ball

Always good to know your favorite color… and the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.  The Bridge of Death

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WHAT I LIKED – April 20

April 20, 2013

The following are some of my  favorite internet waves from surfing the web the last couple weeks.


Laying up treasures in heaven will draw the heart heavenward. ~ George Müller


This article offers a very helpful perspective of what it means to “not love the world”.  We so often misunderstand and misapply this teaching.  FIRST-PERSON: What does it mean to ‘not love the world’?

I was so blessed by how this video describes and highlights just how great the love of God is.  How He Loves Us – David Crowder (Matt Chandler & John Piper)

This is a wonderful reminder of the promises of God after the week that we have had.  We do not have to be fearful even after a week of frightful actions.  Lay Aside the Weight of Fear


I have never been much of a poetry guy.  I have always thought of poetry as the craft of hippie, new agers, and/or the feminine.  I was very wrong in that assessment and have lost many years of the meditative fruitfulness that the counting of syllables can bring.  This is a series of posts that does a very good job pointing to the poetic life of Christians.

The Poetic Life of the Christian – Part 1

The Poetic Life of the Christian – Part 2

The Poetic Life of the Christian – Part 3


I am embarrassed by many of the things that discourage me and frustrate me.  I can be such an ungrateful and self-centered man.  Roger is a wonderful brother in Christ.  It broke my heart when he spoke of his loneliness.  Please watch his story.  I hope that you will be as blessed as I was. Living with Cerebral Palsy

You are never too old; you are never too out of shape; you just have to start and you will be amazed where you will end up.  The most inspiring video you will ever watch!

What makes a triathlete?  This just got me pumped to get after it.  What Makes a Triathlete

This video just makes me want to get out there and compete.  It is fun to watch these guys fly to the finish line.  Triathletes are just awesome.   Bevan Docherty – Super-human Triathlon Sprint Finish


The best way to stay motivated to express thoughts in the form of sentences is to read the works of people who do it very well.  Writers Inspire: 10 Ways Authors Inspire Me to Write

This is a good reminder to be aware of not making logical fallacies in our writing.  Cherry picking is a pretty easy one to fall into.  Fallacies (2) – cherry picking

There is so much written on the blog-o-sphere.  Many write as a presentation of facts.  Writing that excites people has to first excite the author.  Blog Your Passion


My fear of the longer distance triathlon is bonking out.  It is good to know what you fear and prepare accordingly.  This is a very good article for those, like me, who fear the bonk.  Science Behind Bonking


I am planning on doing a ride later in the year that is going to have a lot of climbing.  I am a little nervous about getting into climbing shape by the time of the ride.  This is a good video on tips to get to the top of the mountain.  Here is the advice:


Find techniques that works best for you (in saddle / out of saddle)

High cadence

Stay over the gear

Enjoy the scenery

Cycling Survival 1 – How to cycle in the mountains – Climbing Technique


Running is about more than the run.  There is so much that running can teach us about life.   17 Things Running Teaches You About Life


Often, it is good to see what you are doing wrong so that you can work on doing it right.  The key points for doing it right in this video are:

Look down to the bottom of the pool

Swim by rotating the torso; think about breathing through your belly button

Kick from hips (small and fast) with straight legs

Pull arms back straight; fingers should be pointing downward

Breath early in stroke

Common Freestyle Mistakes in Swimming

You have got to know when to breathe.  This is a very good video on proper body position for breath while swimming.  Triathlon Swimming – Breathing in Freestyle

This is an excellent video that clearly shows the correct timing of a good free-style stroke.  Observe where the elbow is at the exit and the lead hand stretched in front at the same time.  Alexander Popov Swimming Technique

These are some excellent drills that I am going to incorporate into my swimming work-outs; slow arm recovery, quick catch, and high swingers.  I need to work on all three of these areas.  Top Three Swim Drills


Gardening should be fun and making little fairy gardens just looks fun.  Fairy Gardens 


Whatever we set our hands to; we should do it to the best of our ability.  The art of building a surfboard.  The Sound of Dust


Just be careful when you go for the personalized license plate.  We All Need Space, Especially Al.

I don’t know but there is just something about putting words to the expressions of dogs that just make me laugh.  Their eyes do tell a story.  Dog Wants a Kitty  Ultimate Dog Tease

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