QUOTE (John Newton) – July 24

July 24, 2014

John Newton, slave trader, abolitionist, minis...

“The glorious Gospel of the blessed God, with respect to its dignity, depth, and importance, may seem a fitter theme for the tongue of an angel than of a man; but angels never sinned; and though they might proclaim its excellency, they could not, from experience, speak of its efficacy. In this respect sinful worms are better qualified to preach to others, concerning him by whom they have, themselves, been healed and saved. Their weakness, likewise, is better suited to show that the influence and success of the Gospel is wholly owing to the power of God. It has, therefore, pleased God to ‘put this treasure into earthen vessels,’ [2 Corinthians 4:7] and to commit the ministry of his word, not to angels, but to men.”
~ John Newton

In honor of John Newton, former slave ship captain, Pastor, and author of “Amazing Grace”, who was born on this day in 1725.

July 24 – Today in Christian History
John Newton Quotes



  1. Another great choice of quotes, JD. The “influence and success of the Gospel” is strong evidence of its veracity. John Newton offers a prime example of a life completely transformed by Jesus. And he is only one of millions. For a person willing to consider the overwhelming evidence, Jesus is indeed the only way to abundant, God-enhanced living!

  2. WOW. John Newton. What an intense line of thinking, passionate. What a legacy, his little song he wrote, that would be sung my multitudes of sojourners for … over 200 years. Great post. T

  3. It just seem like old time Christians were often so profound and deep…

  4. Reblogged this on His will, His way… and commented:
    Wonderful 🙂

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