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QUOTE (Elias Boudinot) – Oct 24

October 24, 2014

“Good government generally begins in the family, and if the moral character of a people once degenerate, their political character must soon follow.”
~ Elias Boudinot

In honor of Elias Boudinot, a New Jersey lawyer and President of the Continental Congress, who died on this day in 1821.

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QUOTE (Alexis de Tocqueville) – April 16

April 16, 2014

Alexis de Tocqueville, French political thinke...

“I sought for the key to the greatness and genius of America in her harbors…; in her fertile fields and boundless forests; in her rich mines and vast world commerce; in her public school system and institutions of learning. I sought for it in her democratic Congress and in her matchless Constitution. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. The safeguard of morality is religion, and morality is the best security of law as well as the surest pledge of freedom.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville

In honor of Alexis de Tocqueville, French political thinker and historian, who died on this day in 1859. Tocqueville traveled the United States and wrote one of the earliest works of sociology and political science in his Democracy in America.

This Day in History for 16th April
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QUOTE (Henry Ward Beecher) – Mar. 8

March 8, 2014

English: Henry Ward Beecher.

“The way to begin a Christian life is not to study theology. Piety before theology. Right living will produce right thinking. Yet many men, when their consciences are aroused, run for catechisms, and commentaries, and systems. They do not mean to be shallow Christians. They intend to be thorough, if they enter upon the Christian life at all. Now, theologies are well in their place; but repentance and love must come before all other experiences. First a cure for your sin-sick soul, and then theologies. Suppose a man were taken with the cholera, and, instead of sending for a physician, he should send to a bookstore, and buy all the books which have been written on the human system, and, while the disease was working in his vitals, he should say, “I’ll not put myself in the hands of any of these doctors. I shall probe this thing to the bottom.” Would it not be better for him first to be cured of the cholera?”
~ Henry Ward Beecher

In honor of Henry Ward Beecher, American Congregationalist clergyman and reformer, who died on this day in 1887.

Today in Christian History – March 8
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QUOTE (James A. Garfield) – Mar. 4

March 4, 2014

English: Pres. James Garfield

“It pains my heart to see the ignorance and bigotry that is abroad in the land. I wish that men would let all human traditions alone and take the Bible alone for their guide.”

“A brave man is a man who dares to look the Devil in the face and tell him he is a Devil.”
~ James A. Garfield,

In honor of James A. Garfield, the 20th President of the United States, who was baptized on this day in 1850.

Today in Christian History – March 4
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QUOTE (George Washington) – Feb 22

February 22, 2014

April 30: George Washington becomes the first ...

“In politics as in religion, my tenets are few and simple. The leading one of which, and indeed that which embraces most others, is to be honest and just ourselves and to exact it from others, meddling as little as possible in their affairs where our own are not involved. If this maxim was generally adopted, wars would cease and our swords would soon be converted into reap hooks and our harvests be more peaceful, abundant, and happy.”
~ George Washington

In honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States, who was born on this day in 1732.

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QUOTE (John Q. Adams) – Feb 9

February 9, 2014

English: , John Quincy Adams the sixth preside...

“The hope of a Christian is inseparable from his faith. Whoever believes in the Divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures must hope that the religion of Jesus shall prevail throughout the earth. Never since the foundation of the world have the prospects of mankind been more encouraging to that hope than they appear to be at the present time. And may the associated distribution of the Bible proceed and prosper till the Lord shall have made “bare His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God” [Isaiah 52:10].”
~ John Quincy Adams

In honor of John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States, Diplomat, Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Representative, who was selected by the House of Representative to be President of the United States on this day in 1825.

John Q. Adams, His Father’s Son
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