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December 24, 2015

“saying, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.”  Matthew 2:2

I love art.
I am a fan, not an expert.

As a fan, I can appreciate the beautiful; marvel at mastery; admire creativity; absorb emotion.  However, the artist’s meaning is often lost in mere fandom.  An artist’s message often flies over my engineering oriented head as I just appreciate the exhibition.

I am greatly assisted by the art experts who explain the symbolism crafted into a piece.  I love the pure joy in reading a work of literature for entertainment.  I also love the delightful astonishment from the revelation of a carefully crafted message imbedded in a work of which I was oblivious.

I often appreciate art in its various forms and know that I am missing a deeper meaning.

This is how I feel about the night sky.
I am a fan, not an expert.

I marvel at the beauty of the stars on a cloudless night.
The images from the Hubble space telescope are as beautiful to me as any painting.
It is easy to get lost in the fandom of a star-lit sky.

I know that many who stare at the same sky, will not see any meaning.  They see chaotic beauty.  They see an expanding universe of fascinating happenstance.  They may wonder what is out there, but they don’t see art because art necessitates an artist.

I see an Artist.
However, the meaning in the artist’s art flies over my head on most nights.

This is why I appreciate the film The Star of Bethlehem.  This film provided me with that feeling of delightful astonishment in the revelation of the Artist’s meaning in the night skies during the marvelous events that we are celebrating this Christmas.


In that night sky:
Jupiter, Planet of Kings, was coming into a close conjunction with the star, Regulus;
Sharu is what the Babylonians called Regulus, which means ‘king.’;
Rex is what the Romans called Regulus, which means ‘king.’;
At the beginning of the new Jewish year, the Planet of Kings met the Star of Kings.
~Bethlehem Star Coronation

In that night sky:
Jupiter, the Planet of Kings, was rising in the east;
Over a period of months, Jupiter reversed course in what is called retrograde;
However, Jupiter was to reverse course on three occasions, closing in on Regulus each time.
Jupiter, the Planet of Kings, created a halo around Regulus, the Star of Kings.
~Bethlehem Star Coronation

In that night sky:
As Jupiter was beginning the coronation of Regulus;
The constellation Virgo, The Virgin, was rising in the east behind Leo (Lion);
The Lion of Judah is the symbol of the tribe of Judah;
When Jupiter and Regulus were first meeting, Virgo rose clothed in the Sun;
A new moon was symbolically birthed at the feet of The Virgin.
~ Bethlehem Star: The Birth of a King

In that night sky:
Jupiter traveled on through the night sky from Regulus;
Nine months later, Jupiter aligned with Venus, the Mother Planet;
They aligned so perfectly that neither planet was distinguishable;
Their alignment made the brightest star within the life time of those living;
If one looked from Jerusalem toward Bethlehem in December of 2 BC,
the Planet of Kings hung over prophesied city of the Messiah’s birth.
~ Bethlehem Star: Westward Leading


The Bible tells us about wise men coming from the east in search of the newly born King of the Jews whose star they had seen.  What an understatement.  I doubt if Matthew or any of the disciples understood all that had been written in the sky when the visit of the wise men was  chronicled.

Most missed the meaning in those night skies.  The few who looked up, probably saw a display with the appreciation of a fan at most.  It was only a small group of experts, wise men, who saw the meaning of the Artist.

The Artist created in the origination of His work the meaning of this ordained event.

The Artist was not surprised by anything in His creation.  History has not been His correcting of creative mistakes.  His masterpiece, proclaiming the coming of His Son in human flesh, was cosmic mastery of planets and stars, creating the most spectacular of birth announcements on the canvas of a night sky.

It was and is an extraordinary masterpiece.

Remember, as you gaze into the night sky of Christmas
that the meaning of this season was truly written in the stars.

God painted the night sky with:

A Star of Wonder
A Star of Light
A Star of Royal Beauty Bright

That Star is still guiding us to the Perfect Light!



PRAYER: Lord, you are GREAT and GREATLY to be praised.   I praise you Lord for you are my God, my Redeemer, my Savior.  You are my Lord who adopted me by giving the Light of the World for my sins.  Thank you for creating at the foundation of earth this story of amazing love.  Thank you for displaying your glory for all to see – give me eyes to see your glory and a voice to proclaim it.  I pray this in the precious name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen



December 25, 2012

“In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered.” Luke 2:1

I appreciate a simple and elegant solution to a difficult problem. God had a little problem with the birth of the Messiah. Mary was in the wrong city. There were a myriad of solutions to get her to travel: business, family responsibilities, friends, etc. but God didn’t take a simple solution.

Rather, He took the superpower of the age and made them do a census. The US just employed 635,000 people & paid $13 billion to do a census. Augustus’ census was probably propositional and resulted in multitudes of people traveling across the face of the earth.  The real purpose of all that effort was to getting one teenage couple from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

That sort of seems like a complicated way of doing things.

God could have gotten Augustus to send out messengers announcing the birth of the Messiah just like they did for the census.  He did not use scrolls or official announcements; He used the sky.  The birth announcement of the Son of God was made with the ink of planets and constellations.

Seems like a complicated way of doing things.

English: Leon Powe dunks in game 1 of the Bost...It all seems like a “rube goldberg” solution, until we consider why. Why does an NBA basketball player do a slam dunk when a lay-up or just a dunk will do? A slam dunk is a statement. The census of Caesar is a mankind slam dunk – a statement by God in relation to humanity and our political systems. The Star of Bethlehem is a cosmic slam dunk – a statement by God in relation to the entire physical universe.

God’s redemptive plan is about His glory even down to the details of getting people into the correct locations and the birth announcement. Caesar, any political leader or superpower, is not beyond God’s control and never has been; God can even use pagan Rome to accomplish His purposes; slam dunk – statement!

The orbit of planets and stars are not beyond God’s control. God placed them where He wants them to be and they go where He tells them to go and always have.  Nothing is too hard for him. He writes in the sky even when all but a tiny handful will miss the real meaning. God can use the universe to accomplish exactly what He wants; slam dunk – statement!

God’s glory is about God.

God does because He can.  We should be encouraged in all situations and give Him all the glory because He deserves it. May our eyes be open to the reality that God is doing “slam dunks” all the time. We just need to be looking to see how awesome our God is.

PRAYER: Lord – you are so far beyond me that I tremble in fear of your vastness. I feel my smallness when I consider the displays of your glory. I am astounded that you would send your own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh for sin, in order to remove the condemnation that I faced in my flesh. I am in awe that the righteous requirements of your law is fulfilled in me as I walk not according to the flesh but according to your Spirit. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for sending your Son to save me.   Amen

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