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QUOTE (Paul Althaus) – May 18

May 18, 2014

Paul Althaus (1861-1925), deutscher evangelisc...

“God’s offer, therefore, is at the same time a summons, an appeal, and a command: namely, that I should let him be what he, in his love, wants to be–my God. The command is grounded wholly in the offer; it is wholly borne by God’s gift to us. It is this gift that stands at the beginning: God’s wanting to be for us. The offer, not the command, is primary. But precisely because this is an offer made in love–love that seeks me as a person–this offer, this gift, necessarily (with the necessity of God’s love) becomes also a summons. God cannot be my God in a saving way unless I let him be my God. Otherwise the nature of the personal relationship, as God himself intends it, would be contradicted. He calls me to trust him above all things. This is offer (promissio) and at the same time summons, commands, and call.”
~Paul Althaus

In honor of Paul Althaus, German Lutheran theologian, who died on this day in 1966.

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QUOTE (Paul Althaus) – Feb 4

February 4, 2014

Paul Althaus (1861-1925), deutscher evangelisc...

“The first word of our preaching cannot be to call the young generation away from the Third Reich and to God’s kingdom, which is entirely different from it. A thousand times we made the mistake, to preach the second word before the first word. That is why the second word became not only incomprehensible but false.”

“The first word must be: The Reich (kingdom) is accomplishment of creation, fulfillment, and restoration of this life, answer to our questions, and salvation for our bodily and political miseries. Every historical liberation and recovery therefore is a previous indication, a hint to God’s kingdom.” (The second word should be) “Earthly regeneration is a parable, but just alone a parable of the things to come.”
~ Paul Althaus

In honor of Paul Althaus, a German theologian, who was born on this day in 1888.  Also on this day, Adolf Hilter seizes control of the German Army and puts Nazi officials in key posts.

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