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QUOTE (Nicolaus Steno) – Jan 10

January 10, 2015

English: Nicolaus Steno in his last year; port...

“One sins against the majesty of God by being unwilling to look into nature’s own works.”

“Beautiful is what we see. More beautiful is what we understand. Most beautiful is what we do not comprehend.”

“Who looks at a meadow from a distance in the loveliest time of year, experiences a most pleasant visual sensation from the mingling of delightful colors. But when then he stoops over the meadow itself to look more closely at the leaves and flowers of the individual plants, such a variety and beauty of shapes and colors unveil themselves that he is compelled to exclaim: from a distance they appear beautiful, but nearby they are far more beautiful! But if, indeed, he proceeds even further and examines in one single plant the inner structure of the different constituent parts, the goings and displacements of the fluids which perform all (vital) actions, in the transition from seed to the mature plant producing new seed, even if he becomes acquainted very little with all that as if it were though mist, yet he sees enough to acknowledge that the pleasure experienced from what is known is nothing compared to that he would experience if he could know all that lies hidden.”
~Nicolaus Steno

In honor of Nicolas Steno, Catholic Bishop and Danish Scientist considered by many to be the father of geology, who was born on this day in 1638.

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