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December 26, 2012

“All at once he follows her, as an ox goes to the slaughter, or as a stag is caught fast till an arrow pierces its liver; as a bird rushes into a snare; he does not know that it will cost him his life.” Proverbs 7:22-23

I think I need to stop watching the “Frozen Planet” documentary on the Discovery Channel. I watched one of the episodes a couple of days ago and I am still a little disturbed.  The scene that has gotten stuck in my mind was of a seal being caught by an orca (killer whale). This seal had put on a great chase; it had balanced on a chuck of ice that the whales kept spinning in an attempt to toss him off; then the seal made a break for a larger ice pack and safety and he made it. Only, he was not careful and in utter exhaustion had stayed too close to the edge of the ice. The seal had thought he was safe but an orca was still able to raise out of the water and bite the seal’s tail that was still within reach and slowly drag it to its death.  It is the eyes of the seal as it is drug to its death that are so disturbing. frozen-planet-orca-drowns-seal-590x350

There is nature for you. If someone is suffering under the delusion that nature is full of peace and tranquility, then they need to watch one of these nature documentaries. The peace and tranquility that one may experience in nature is a very small slice of that reality. I love to visit nature – hiking in the woods, camping along a lake, climbing to the top of peaks, skiing down a mountain slope.

I have no desire to get back to nature; things get eaten in nature.   My preference is to be at the top of the food chain and in nature that is not guaranteed. A seal is a predator of fish and penguins one day and the prey of a pod of ocras the next.  Our civilized societies protect us from much of the harsher dangers of nature.  I like that protection of suburbia.

It seems to me that we are in a spiritual environment that is more like the Alaskan wilderness than suburbia.  Proverbs warns of a young man becoming prey. This foolish young man wandered too close to the edge of the ice.  He wandered out at night and into a neighborhood where he was prey.  His defense against the woman, wily of heart, was that of a seal against an ocra. He was doomed when he first heard her smooth words – an ox to the slaughter.

It is such a graphic picture. Man caught in the powerful jaws of sin. The majority of the yielding to sin is the slow dragging to the actual act that resulted from wandering too close to the edge of the ice.  It does not matter all that much if it was an inadvertent wandering or a wanton wandering – the difference is between being foolish or naïve.  The result is the same.

So often, we pray, “Lord give me strength to endure this temptation.”  We should be praying, “Lord, keep me from temptation.”  “Lead us not into temptation” – means, “ keep me away from the edge of the ice.”

I am reminded of a tale that I heard when I was young about avoiding temptation:

120529095506-golden-jubilee-horizontal-gallery“A long time ago there was a king in search of a driver for his queen’s carriage. The king and queen lived in a castle high atop the tallest mountain in the land. The road was very dangerous with steep dropoffs and ledges so the king wanted only the best driver to escort the queen. The three best drivers in all the land were brought before the king for interviews. One by one the drivers were brought before the king and asked the same question. “If you were the driver of the queen’s carriage, how close to the edge could you get without the carriage falling off a cliff?” The first driver thought for a minute and answered the king;”I could drive the queen’s carriage twelve inches from the edge without fear of going over.” The king thanked him and asked for another driver. The second man answered, “I could drive the queen’s carriage six inches from the edge without fear of going over.” The king also thanked that man and asked to see the last driver. Upon being asked the same question as the other two, “if you were the driver of the queen’s carriage, how close to the edge could you get without the carriage falling off?” the last driver without hesitation answered: “If I were the driver of the queen’s carriage, I would drive as far away from the edge as possible to ensure the safety of the queen.” Needless to say, that driver became the queen’s driver for years to come. (Unknown)

There are so many out there that think they can play around with sin.  They enjoy the excitement of skirting the edge of the ice. They play games with the orca of sin to see if it will catch them and then they are surprised when it happens. We need to treat our faith and relationship with God as the treasure that it truly is – it is as valuable as the Queen’s life.  The only reasonable course is to stay as far away from the edge of the cliff as possible to ensure your safety.

After all, it is just your faith you’re playing with.

PRAYER: Father, thank you for all the temptation that you have kept me from.  Thank you for keeping me from temptations that you know that I could not resist.  Father – forgive me for dabbling on the edge of temptation.  Forgive me for not valuing you and desiring a taste of what this world is selling.  Forgive me for deceiving myself into think that there is no price to pay for sin.  Lord – lead me not into temptation; rescue me from my foolishness; teach me how to flee to your protection.   Amen

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