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December 4, 2012

“O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” Psalm 63:1

I have been a little preoccupied with water for a while. I read an article that being well hydrated should be part of every fitness program and that guys need to be drinking three liters of fluids per day and ladies need 2.2 liters per day. That is the minimum.  If you are working out, pregnant, breast feeding, sick, or live in a hot/humid climate, then you are supposed to drink more.  Dehydration results of falling below those targets which can have an assortment of health consequences.

I don’t want to experience those consequences so I developed a hydration plan – it consists of me drinking a lot of water. I am at work most of the day. Therefore, my plan has been to down 2/3 of my minimum fluids requirement at work.  I have a big glass to divide it all up. I have to drink four glasses before lunch and four throughout the afternoon.

Wow! That is a lot of water. Other than nearly wetting myself when a phone call went too long, it has be uneventful.  However, my company needs to start budgeting for carpet since I have significantly shorted the life cycle of the carpet between my office and the restroom.  If this is what normal fluid consumption is like, then maybe being a little dehydrated is not such a bad thing.

I have learned a several things from my little experiment:

  1. Being well hydrated and road trips are not a good combination; when your body is well hydrated, those fluids flow right on through. I realized that I regularly walked around a little dehydrated since the strategic location of restroom facilities has not been a concern for me.  Those fluids don’t normally flow through as they do when I am focused on being hydrated.
  2. It is too late when we rely upon thirst to indicate a need of fluids. Thirst is a physiological urge that comes from our body working to regulate a healthy fluid level.  However, it is a backup. Under normal conditions, most fluid intake actually comes through the normal courses of our day. (eg drinking with meals or at work breaks, water in food). To be able to drink my allotment, I had to drink when I was not thirsty. When I wait to be thirsty, I am already dehydrated.
  3. My “thirster” was out-of-whack.  I think that my body had adjusted to functioning in a partially dehydrated state.  Since I have been working at being hydrated, I get thirty quicker. It is not what I expected but I have found that my body is now more sensitive being under-hydrated and my “thirster” kicks in sooner.

My little water experiment got me to contemplating the hydration of my soul. I think we all can relate to the psalmist’s prayer for the thirst of his soul to be quenched by the abiding presence of the Lord. However, I wonder if our thirst is the same as the psalmist’s. He proclaimed a thirst accompanied by an earnest searching for his Lord. We know from the other Psalms that David drank daily from the deep well of the scriptures in his searching. I don’t see a lot of Christians earnestly seeking God like the Psalmist. That makes me think that the Church is full of dehydrated souls.

I wonder if our “thirsters” are out-of-whack.  The thirsting of the Psalmist is that of the well-hydrated man who is habitually filling himself with the scriptures before the sense of thirst strikes him.  Today, many believers are normally dehydrated and seek God only when their comfort has been jarred by need. I think that many Christians are so perpetually dehydrated of the presence of the Lord that they don’t even know what normal should be like. They hear the plea of the Psalmist and relate that to their own experience but their thirst has become accustom to being perpetually dehydrated; accustomed to a parched life. It is out-of-whack.

By the time they seek the Lord based on an out-of-whack thirst, many find themselves severely dehydrated. If you only seek God when you thirst for him then you are already parched. A well hydrated soul is the one that is drinking in the Lord when they are not thirsty.

There are several results of fully hydrating our souls on a daily basis:

  1. We can quickly respond in time of need.  We will not be in a critical unhealthy state so that we can respond appropriately to the various trials, temptations, suffering that we might face. We all will face various challenges.  We are better prepared for those challenges when we our souls are well hydrated in the Lord.
  2. Our desire for our Lord will increase. When we are regularly filling up on the Lord’s presence, our thirst for our Savior becomes more sensitive and reactive. Our thirst will be a better regulator of what is healthy for our soul.
  3. The Lord will overflow from us.  When we are saturated from seeking the Lord it is inevitable that it will come out of us (in a good way). I think that some folks are so dehydrated that every ounce of the Lord’s presence gets sucked up into their own parched soul. Our Father is so great that there is no limit to his presence. We need to be drinking deeply and that is when we will overflow into the world around us.

How is the hydration of your soul? Are you drinking deeply from the spring of living water?  There will be a day when we will no longer thirst. There will be a day when we no longer need to work at hydrating our souls but that is not today. Today, we need to be drinking before we thirst; drink deeply my friends.

PRAYER: Lord, You are the essential of my life. I will dry up and blow away without you refreshing me.  Lord, refresh me today – replenish me today. Father, I want to overflow with your presence; fill me with your Spirit. Give me a desire for you that is not my own.    Amen

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