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WHAT I LIKE – Mar. 30

March 30, 2013

The following are some of my most favorite internet waves from my surfing the web the last couple weeks.

 “Prayer will make a man cease from sin, or sin will entice a man to cease from prayer.” ~ John Bunyan

I appreciated this article on what the Church should be based on the Priesthood of the Christ.  You need to follow the links and get a cup of coffee because it is a bit long but well worth it.  Mission and the Priesthood of the Christ

We have such a special gift in our Bibles.  This post is a reminder of ten things the Bible tells us it will do for us.  10 Things the Bible Can Do

This is a wonderful reminder that Jesus did not seek a home for himself while in this world.  He Had so Little in this World

Such an encouragement from Psalm 73:28 to see our Lord on each new day.  Each New Day

This is a poem that I like so very much for speaking of the truths of stumbling along the narrow path.  Stumbles and Skinned Knees

Beautiful photograph and reminder from Psalm 91:1-2 that our best protection and shelter is in Christ.  Gods Shelter

I smile every time I read the opening lines, “Don’t be a well that withholds, Be a well that overflows”.  A needed reminder from Numbers 21:17 to be the wells that we were created to be. An Overflowing Well

I want to get my running speed up.  I had my first real outside run of the season and realized that speed is not my issue.  When I get back to that point, these are some really good tips for getting back home quicker. 5 Tips to Run Faster

Swimming can get a little monotonous.  So I am always looking for new combinations of workouts.  These two sites are great about mixing things up and have a wide variety of workouts.

Chino Valley Masters

PTS Sports Coaching 

I am not even remotely close to overtraining; particularly after this last week of only two workouts.  However, the indicators of overtraining discussed in this post are really good to be aware of.  Overtraining are you a Victim

Dinner in this garden has to be a unique experience.  I just hope the salad course is not self-serve.  Outdoor Living Garden Table

Makes me want to go to Alaska.  Ocras Surfacing in Alaska

I thought the mechanical man from the movie Hugo was made up.  I guessed wrong.   Just watch everything that has to happen to draw a simple picture.  I am unconvinced that a single cell could evolve to match this mechanical man, which is much less than all the amazing things that the human body can do.  Alexandre Pouchkine by François Junod  

I did not even know that people were allowed to carve with ivory.  This is about the world’s premier ivory carver.  The detail is amazing.  You have to see the tiny ship rigging that he makes from ivory.  David Warther Carvings Museum

So you think you can fly?  Well I guess you can.  The best wing suit /skydive

Andy McKee amazes me by the amount of sound that he can get out of an acoustic guitar.  Andy McKee – Guitar – Drifting

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