Socially Distant

May 21, 2020

We are told to distance ourselves.

Separation has become a prescription.

Conveyance prevention, a priority.

Efficacy measured by normality.

We separate, fearing the unseen.

Celebrating the fruitlessness of disease never known.

But what of maladies needing proximity?

I have heard it said, “I’m taking a break from God.”

Distancing for a time from the Divine.

Is separation the prescription for spiritual affliction?

What conveyance is this break preventing?

Do we need less Spirit; peace, love, joy?

To isolate alone, isn’t that a symptom of the malady?

Distancing oneself to ruin, it seems.

All the while, the prescription resides in drawing near.

We should pull close when unfelt feelings arise.

When God seems not to hear.

When the old man wants to flee,

We bind him in our need.

Abiding in the Spirit, there is the key.

Side by side or I’ll think, “A break is all I need”.

Assurance will come, when ruin is foregone,

Through the healing breath of the Unseen.

Celebrated in the fruitfulness of the Known.



  1. A close family member (funeral today) died. Memory loss, old but healthy. Tested positive but no symptoms. Isolated with no understanding she quit eating and drinking. It took 10 days but she died. Alone. (labeled covid death of course but really loneliness.
    There is quite a spiritual application here as food, water and fellowship are essential to even spiritual life. However: she is with her Lord, with more understanding than we.

    • Gary- so sorry to hear about your loss. No one is really talking about the cost to those thrust into isolation and loneliness. She has the best fellowship now.

      • Yes she does, Thanks you JD

  2. This is so powerful.

    Would you mind if I shared today on Instagram?

    • Sure; feeling free to share

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