Testing For Fear – Psalm 56:3

May 14, 2020

I am a bit anxious this morning, I will not lie.

All the self-confidence belies the insecurities of a day full of significance.  Today, I lead a team readied for a presentation instrumental in winning a five year, $15 million contract.

It is a big deal for a small company.  We have been waiting for eight years. 

I am embarrassed by my own anxiety.  No lives hang in the balance.  My employment is not dependent upon the perfect pitch.  All today can hold is a hope for a bulwark against tomorrow’s uncertainty,  so that I won’t have to worry about where tomorrow’s prosperity will reside.

Oh, foolish man that I am.

In essence, my anxiety reveals an inherent resistance to trusting the One who truly controls the conditions of my future.

God knows what I need and when I need it. He has provided my daily bread my entire life and I know He will provide tomorrow’s.

My anxiety is just a fear;  a revelation of an unholy alliance with control.

Are you fearful, like me?  Our response to uncertainty is the most revealing test one’s faith can undergo. Testing for fear is not a scare opportunity.  

The nature response to uncertainty is fear, whether we recognize it as fear or not.  Fear changes us.  It effects our behavior.  It modifies our attitude.  It steals our joy.

Fear is a foe.

So, I repented this morning.  I have changed my anxiety to trust.  I have done all the work to be prepared for today but God has done more.  It has been Him who has sheltered me to this point and it will be Him who shelters me through tomorrow. 

Therefore, I can enjoy the opportunity of today.  There are not many people who get to do what I have the privilege to do.  I will trust, which enables me to enjoy.


  1. Thank you for this piece. I can totally relate. I’ve harboured fear for even less significant reasons than yours. Yet God always has me in his care. Thank you once again for the reminder to trust rather than fear.

  2. Much wisdom here, JD. And amen to: “Our response to uncertainty is the most revealing test one’s faith can undergo.” I also appreciate your honesty and humility. With those three qualities of wisdom, honesty, and humility at work within you, Proverbs 15:33 becomes a promise–of honor.

    • Thanks Nancy; I appreciate the encouragement. I hope all is well with you!

  3. Very precise insight. I hope and pray you’ll be well. God bless us!

  4. Yes, our need for control is very often our own worst enemy. I do, however, find that a lot of people who believe in God want to have no fear, and I wonder if it is paradoxically sometimes because we no longer fear God, as we are also commanded in His Word to do. I find the more I fear God, the more I actually feel loved and at peace, and less fearful of the future. Perhaps most people don’t want to go that route, but I find it not only more Biblical than most of our current rages in “Christianity”, but also frankly, more hopeful. Just some thoughts. Shalom to you, Jane

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