Spiritual Competition

April 26, 2020

If you are still sheltering in place as I am, here is the video for a sermon I gave on spiritual competition and the analogy to physical competition.  Maybe, it will make it feel more like a Sunday.


  1. Hi JD, i am excited to testify that your message is a confirmation of a draft i supposed to publish, one week before your video post, but not yet published. i believe it must be the  unanswered burning question i had…which God has finally answered through you. Praise the Lord !

  2. Thanks for posting this. A great and very true analogy.Well done.
    I grew up in a sports family, Dad was a winning coach, top athlete and also preached a couple years when without a pastor in our country church. His time alone with God marked his life. As a kid I watched dad and a neighbor go into dads study and come out a new man. Hence, I have siblings, children and grandchildren ready to teach, preach, sing or die at a moments notice (and play many sports competitively). I even wrote about “pushy discipleship” dad’s term.

    • Thanks Gary, I appreciate so much your sharing your Dad’s legacy. I love that term “pushy discipleship”. It really is the most loving thing we can do!

      • If you have time JD, google “pushy discipleship garyfultz” and there is a story worth telling there…thank you again for your sermon…I have a couple people to share with as we have talked on this passage

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