The Order of Things – Leviticus 9:7

April 7, 2020

“Then Moses said to Aaron, “Approach the altar and sacrifice your sin offering and your burnt offering, and make atonement for yourself and for the people. And sacrifice the people’s offering and make atonement for them, just as God has commanded.””

The order of things matters.  The sequencing of components is critical.  The chronology of events is crucial.

There are ingredients in a recipe when removed, ruin the meal.

Change the sequence of your DNA and you become a different person.

Remove critical links in history and our world transforms into something very different.

I struggle with my Bible reading plan, when it comes to Leviticus.  Leviticus is about the law.  Leviticus is about rules.  Also, Leviticus is about the order of things and that the order of things, matters.

The Israelites got to experience the glory of God.  They were allowed to witness His power.  They were overwhelmed with joy and worshipped.

Leviticus 9:23–24: Then Moses and Aaron entered the tent of assembly. When they came out, they blessed the people, and God’s glory appeared to all the people. Then a fire went out from before God, and it consumed the burnt offering and the fat portions on the altar. And all the people saw it, so they shouted for joy, and they fell on their faces.

Yet, there were instructions, whose fulfillment were necessary, prior to God revealing His glory to His chosen people.  Atonement for the sins of the priests and the people was necessary before God came down amongst them, fulfilling their joy and worship.

The order mattered.

I am reminded that the order still matters. Atonement still matters. Atonement is still the critical ingredient for a true relationship with God. We do not dictate the terms of our relationship with God.  God determines the order of things.

I fear that many people are seeking well-being, harmony, and a form of joy through a spiritual experience with god, absent atonement.  The problem with atonement is that it requires me to acknowledge:

  • That I am a sinner,
  • That my sin separates me from God and His glory,
  • That I need a sacrifice to atone for my sin,
  • That Jesus Christ was the atoning sacrifice for my sin.

Once again, the ingredients of atonement matter.  I cannot know salvation without the belief in all those critical ingredients.  Remove any one and Christ’s atoning sacrifice is no longer applicable to me.

We rarely talk about atonement anymore.  We rarely talk about sin anymore.  I don’t know what other people are experiencing when they describe a spiritual experience while denying the critical ingredients of atonement.  Whatever they are experiencing, it is a pale imitation of the true joy predicated on a relationship properly ordered with the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Let’s not be content with a pale imitation.

Let’s obediently acknowledge the true order of God’s plan, starting with atonement.

If you have any questions on atonement, please send me an email or a comment.

https://ref.ly/Le9.7 via the Logos Bible Android app.


  1. Also, may I reblog this post?

    • Sure; thanks

  2. Thank you for this clear, decisive, apt post JD. I am a believer who’s fallen from “practice” and writes a lot about secular things as well as scripture. What are your thoughts around watching secular media?

    • Hi Brendan, thanks for the encouragement. I don’t have a problem with watching secular media. I just try to be selective in what I take in. I look at media content as food. Some is good for me, some is bad. I am influenced by what I put into my mind so context and quantity matters for me. I want to be sure that what I am allowing my mind to settle upon are the things of God.

      Do you mind discussing what you mean by falling away from practice of your faith and why you think that has happened?

  3. How fitting to read your powerful words! In light of the New Testament Passover taking place tonight, which Jesus commanded us to “do in remembrance of Me.” Tonight we will confirm our New Covenant commitment to God’s atoning forgiveness from sin and healing spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Tomorrow night begins the seven Days of Unleavened Bread that picture our transformation to the “new man” through Jesus Christ the Unleavened Bread of Life. God outlined His biblical festivals that proceed in His order and reveal His plan of salvation.

  4. Amen, amen. Mea Culpa, amen. Trying, seeking, repenting, humbling = -atonement — Amen!

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