“The Mysteries of God”

March 22, 2020

If you are not able to go to church this morning, here’s a sermon that I gave a while back. A disclaimer, I strive to be more of a writer than preacher.


  1. There is so much here JD. This has been a great encouragement and meditation.

    • I am so glad it was a blessing

  2. I love to think about a God who is not just everywhere but everywhen according to Hebrews 1. That just blows my mind and is one of those things I never really figure out the ramifications of.

    • I like to ponder the adsense of time. I can’t wrap my head around that one. No beginning and no end. My brain only knows a world with beginnings and endings

      • Yes. While eternity is set in our hearts and we know it is a “thing” we have never known anything but days and seasons, years and the pasage of time. What will the new Heaven and Earth be like without it?

  3. I do like the idea of tackling the hard questions. That said, I also feel like we have to live with some things as maybes and be OK with that. The maybes of God have always fascinated me.

    • I agree; for me the maybes always get me to worship in awe and wonder. They humble me. Whenever I tackle a hard question, I have to be willing to leave at “but God”. That humbles me.

      • I am so excited to begin the process of discovery of all those maybes when we get to Heaven.

  4. I am so glad God chose to reveal what He has to us! It may not be everything we will know, but it is enough for now!

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