“PURE WORDS” – April 13

April 13, 2016

“The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times.”  Psalm 12:6

ncfcaThis past week I had the occasion to attend another NCFCA speech and debate tournament with my family.  I was afforded the opportunity to be a parent judge on multiple speech and debate rounds.  As a result, I had the privilege of judging the finals of the Biblical Presentation speeches.

This was the first time I had witnessed Biblical Presentation as it is a new event this year in the NCFCA.  “Biblical presentation is a speech that creatively develops and presents one or two selections of scriptures in an effort to foster understanding of God’s word, deepen the speaker’s Christian faith, and encourage the listener”.  NCFCA Speech

I now have a new favorite speech category.  I could not get enough of these speeches.  Each speech presented warmed my soul because at their core, each speech was the pure Word of God.  I got to listen to approximately 80 minutes of teenagers presenting 8-10 minutes each of memorized biblical passages, word for word,  in extremely engaging and creative ways.

There was one in particular that is still blessing me.  The speaker was not the most creative.  She did not have the most powerful or engaging voice.  She did not have the most dynamic interpretation.  However, she made the most significant impact on me in her 10 minutes.  She presented two of her favorite passages from Isaiah in such a genuine and heart-felt manner that tears welled up in my eyes from the unadulterated beauty of God’s word.

It was almost startling to hear sacred words simply spoken.   I was not preoccupied by her presentation.  Her interpretation was not a distraction.  On the contrary, I was drawn into the words.  I was captured by the Spirit.  I was renewed in the wonderful truths that filled the room with each utterance.

In recollecting that speech, I have been struck by the reality of how rare it is for us to simply hear the Word of God earnestly spoken in its entirety as the author intended.  So often, we sit silently reading our Bibles or we hear a few verses read before a Pastor spends an hour telling us what they mean.

Both are needed and good so I am not being critical.

However, the presentation of Isaiah reminded me of the power of the Word of God and the benefit from simply listening to the pure words of the Lord.

PRAYER: Lord, thank you for the opportunity to hear anew the purity of your Word.  Thank you for showing me the beauty of inspired scripture.  I pray for all of those who are memorizing and sharing your Words through the NCFCA.  I pray that you will bless each one of these competitors and write your word on their hearts.   I pray that the purity of your words will abound and refine all those who hear for their enrichment and your glory.  I pray this in the precious name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen



  1. What an amazing experience! How blessed!

  2. Can’t help but think of the positive impact on those kids who participate in Biblical presentation. What a powerful means of making scripture relevant and life-changing! Perhaps some new authors will be generated by this category of speech competition.

    • That was my thought as well. These kids will spend a entire season stewing on large passages of scripture. That will reap an incredible harvest. There was another new category called original interpretation where the students presented a work of their own making. I saw several budding authors in the round I watched. It was all very encouraging for the future.

  3. Wow. I’ve been a speech coach and judge in North Dakota and we certainly do not have a Biblical Presentation category. That sounds absolutely amazing! I am so glad you got the opportunity to judge that category. There is nothing more powerful than having the opportunity to actually CONNECT to God’s word. We forget as Christians how beautiful and pure His words are. Thanks for sharing!

    • So, true. I think as a speech coach you would have really enjoyed it. If there is a NCFCA event close, you should be a community judge. There always looking for good judges for the community. I really enjoy these competitions. They refresh my hope in the future when I see young people steeped in God’s word.

  4. Far to often we equate eloquence with a biblical sermon when in all reality we are to present the words, explain, and make application while depending upon the Spirit to apply them to the lives of the individual.

    Eloquence is nice but it pales in comparison to simply knowing Christ and Him crucified

    • That is so very true!

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  6. Amen. Nice post.
    The Word of God is dynamic. So many times I’ve heard portions of Scriptures quoted which I’m familiar with. The promptings of the Holy Spirit have been a means of revival for me.

  7. The spoken Word of God is very powerful. It’s profound effect is often under appreciated.

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