QUOTE (Joseph E. Murray)

April 1, 2016

Joseph_Murray“One truth is revealed truth, the other is scientific truth. If you really believe that creation is good, there can be no harm in studying science. The more we learn about creation — the way it emerged — it just adds to the glory of God. Personally, I’ve never seen a conflict.”

“We’re just working with the tools God gave us. There is no reason that science and religion have to operate in an adversarial relationship. Both come from the same source, the only source of truth — the Creator.”

“I think the important thing to realize is how little we know about anything — how flowers unfold, how butterflies migrate. We have to avoid the arrogance of persons on either side of the science-religion divide who feel that they have all the answers. We have to try to use our intellect with humility.”

“Work is a prayer, and I start off every morning dedicating it to our Creator. Every day is a prayer — I feel that, and I feel that very strongly.”

In honor of Dr. Joseph Murray, a Noble Prize winning transplant surgeon, who was born on this day in 1919.


Today in History
Nobel Scientists and God


  1. Professor Prem raj Pushpakaran ♡ പ്രൊഫസ്സർ പ്രേം രാജ്‌ പുഷ്പാകരന്‍ ♡ writes 2019 marks the centenary birth year of Joseph E. Murray, who did the first successful human kidney transplant on identical twins!!!


  3. Amazing post. Reblogged @ The Possibility Blog. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. The Christians who reject science outright are missing a great opportunity to glorify God. He made the universe, after all. The politicians who denounce science from a desire to corral Christian votes do yet more harm.

  5. Wonderful post.
    I’ve just concluded a ‘tour of duty’ on a ‘religious forum’ hijacked by that school of atheists who simply want to mock & scorn. Try telling them you can be a Christian and embrace science and you can positively hear their heads spin (One in desperation told me I had a closed mind- ?)

    • I find it sad that the “intellectuals” of the day don’t have enough confidence to engage in civil discussions of disagreements. Their “lacking intelligence” argument falls apart when one starts listing the giants of science who believed in God.

      • True. But when you tell them of this, a distressing number start on character assassination.

      • It is those types of discussions, if they can be called that, in which I am reminded that it takes more than a good argument to give life to dry bones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XAeyFagceQ)

      • Indeed. And now something else to add to my list of Music To Buy.
        Thanks for the share.

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  8. Wonderful quote. I am a molecular biologist and a Christian, and this post sums up my feelings on this topic very well. Thank you.

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