Thinking Thursday: Accused [my poetry]

February 1, 2016

Ann Marie Thinking Out Loud


The line of the accused stretched off into the mist,
the clerk of the court was working through his list.
To each of the accused he gave a big fat file,
“Read your charges to save time, ” he said with a smile.

As they read, some people wept, some groaned and some stared,
this was not what they’d expected, they weren’t prepared.
“Where’s the angels and the harps and the life of bliss?
I want my friends and family, I don’t want this.”

They all looked through their files with dismay and despair,
as they saw all their thoughts and their actions laid bare,
and they knew they were guilty and saw on each face
they had lived without God and in heav’n had no place.

But sometimes came someone who didn’t have a file,
the clerk gave them a slip of paper with a smile.
The people crowded…

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  1. Christ as our advocate is a powerful image for any lawyer.

  2. thanks for the link. so thankful for God’s grace.

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