Lifter of My Soul

November 19, 2015

Tim Bell is a hymn writer and poet that I just stumbled across and wanted to share.


Lifter of My Soul, I must,
Kneel before you once again;
Lead me into your presence,
Away from the path of sin.

Make me know your ways, I trust,
When my burdens seem too great,
You’ll guide me through the sorrow,
And onto the path of praise.

I’m waiting for you, Lord,
Come lift my soul once more,
For you’ve raised me to walk,
In the way I should go,
And one day I’ll never grieve,
No, I’ll run forever free,
With the Lifter of My Soul.

Lifter of My Soul, from dust,
As I long for what will be,
Teach me to stand, walk, and run,
On this path of mystery.

Lifter of My Soul, I must,
Kneel before you once again;
Lead me into your presence…

Behind the lines

Psalm 25 – Teach Me Your Paths

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  1. Especially appreciated the 2nd verse: even when we’re hurting, we can count on the Lifter of our souls to guide us through–not just to survive, but to a place of joyful praise. Thank you, JD!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Thanks for sharing and re-blogging my post, JD.

    • Hey Tim – you are very welcome. I hope you get a little extra traffic to your excellent blog. God Bless! JD

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