QUOTE (Lloyd C. Douglas) – Feb. 13

February 13, 2015

Lloyd C. Douglas“This faith, is not like a deed to a house in which one may live with full rights of possession. It is more like a kit of tools with which a man may build himself a house. The tools will be worth just what he does with them. When he lays them down, they will have no value until he takes them up again.”
~ Lloyd C. Douglas

In honor of Lloyd C. Douglas, an American minister and author, who died on this day in 1951.

Today in Christian History – February 13
Goodreads> Lloyd C. Douglas




  1. Indeed: faith that is not exercised is not much more than an empty shell. Thank you for introducing me to Lloyd C. Douglas. I had not heard of him before.

  2. THIS is a great quote. There is a part we each play, not a passive idly standing by, but an active receiving and an active building. I agree.

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