Love the Prodigals ~ When No One Else Will

February 2, 2015

Heavenly Raindrops

Photo credit Wikimedia ~ Johnny Durnan Photo credit Wikimedia ~ Johnny Durnan

When No One Else Will

Love the prodigals
Out seeking life’s thrills;
Love the lost cases
When no one else will.

Love the undeserving
Whose lives are dark-filled;
Love the wanderers
Whereno one else will.

Love the unworthy,
Those trapped in sin still;
Love the unlovely
How no one else will.


Who among us was not a prodigal, at some point?  God desires for His lost sheep to come back into the fold.  What part in that process is He calling you to today?

Will you give a prodigal a second chance?  A third?  Or more?

As opportunities present, would you leave your comfort zone to reach out in love?
Or continue in prayer and hope when there seems to be none?

Not a one is deserving, but all are still loved by the Shepherd of our souls.
God never gives…

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  1. Strong truth, creatively written! My husband and I have been visiting churches in our new community, looking for a place to plant. The one we sense as being our new home offers a number of ministries for those who need special love and attention: the homeless, foster care kids, neglected kids, and more. The people of this church have such passion and excitement for such ministries! And their stories bear out the truth that God blesses givers even more than receivers–not just when we give money, but especially when we give of ourselves.

  2. A lot of prodigals are people who have spotted the inconsistencies and even hypocrisies of the believers around them. Having tested the waters of conventional faith (whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim, etc) and having found them tainted and unsatisfying, they feel that they are left to their own devices. Since human nature IS sinful, too often those ‘devices’ lead them into vice and self-destructive behaviors. Yet those same people, when confident that they have found genuine Truth, will be among the most committed and fruitful of believers! I love finding prodigals – some are really beyond hope, but some are treasure chests just waiting to be discovered!

  3. Thanks JD

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