QUOTE (James Caughey) – Jan 30

January 30, 2015

caughey“I understand the design of such names as ‘fanatics, enthusiasts, madmen, etc.’ These names are fastened upon some of the zealous servants of God for the same purpose that the skins of wild beasts were put upon the primitive Christians by their persecutors, that they might more readily be torn in pieces by the hungry lions in the arena of the amphitheater. Yet they were Christians still, notwithstanding these deforming skins, and so are we, though some cover us from head to foot with the hideous imputations of fanaticism.”
~James Caughey

In honor of James Caughey, a Methodist evangelist, who died on this day in 1891.

Today in Christian History – January 30th
James Caughey



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  1. Love this!

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