QUOTE (C.H. Spurgeon) – Jan 6

January 6, 2015

Português: fotografia de Charles Haddon Spurgeon

“You know more about your magazines and novels than what God has written; many of you will read a novel from the beginning to the end, and what have you got? A mouthful of foam when you are done. But you cannot read the Bible; that solid, lasting, substantial, and satisfying food goes uneaten, locked up in the cupboard of neglect; while anything that a man writes, a best seller of the day, is greedily devoured.”
~ C.H. Spurgeon

“The Bible must be your chart, and you must exercise great watchfulness that your way may be according to its directions. You must take heed to your daily life, as well as study your Bible, and you must study your Bible that you may take heed to your daily life. With the greatest care a man will go astray if his map misleads him; but with the most accurate map he will still lose his road if he does not take heed to it. The narrow way was never hit upon by chance, neither did any heedless man ever lead a holy life. We can sin without thought, we have only to neglect the great salvation and ruin our souls; but to obey the Lord and walk uprightly will need all our heart and soul and mind. Let the careless remember this.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon

In honor of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, an English Baptist preacher, who was converted to a living faith at age 16 on this day in 1850.

January 6 – Today in Christian History
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  2. I love it! Love Spurgeon too. Wonderful thinker! So true!

  3. Reblogged – words to take heed of ……

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  5. Depends on the Novel… many Novels speak “Truth” through fictitious characters.

  6. Spurgeon tells the story of his conversion on page 106 in volume one of his autobiography. It is worth reading.

  7. Excellent, timely quote. We coiuld substitute movies, facebook, etc. for magazines.
    More timely words from Spurgeon http://spurgeonwarquotes.wordpress.com/

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