QUOTE (Charles Dickens) – Dec 2

December 2, 2014

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“I put a New Testament among your books, for the very same reasons, and with the very same hopes that made me write an easy account of it for you, when you were a little child; because it is the best book that ever was or will be known in the world.… ”
~ Charles Dickens; a note written to his child upon leave home

In honor of Charles Dickens, considered the greatest novelist of the Victorian period, who held his first public reading in the United States on this day in 1867.

The Faith Behind the Famous: Charles Dickens
This Day in History for 2nd December







  1. Thanks for sharing this

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    I just started following JD’s blog, and I am encouraged by his practical words and love for the Bible – something we share in common. Last night, I decided to start reading “A Christmas Carol” again since I’ll be seeing a live play of the same this month. And so, it was very timely to see this post of A Devoted Life:

  3. Glad to know this. Thanks!

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