QUOTE (F.D. Maurice) – April 1

April 1, 2014

English: Photograph from 1865 original edited ...

“Christians in general are far too eager to urge special exceptions when they hear these charges [of corruption in the church] preferred; far too ready to make out a case for themselves while they admit their application to others; far too ready to think that the cause of God is interested in the suppression of facts. The prophets should have taught us a different lesson. They should have led us to feel that it was a solemn duty, not to conceal, but to bring forward all the evidence which proves, not that one country is better than another, or one portion of the church better than another, but that there is a principle of decay, a tendency to apostasy in all, and that no comfort can come from merely balancing symptoms of good here against symptoms of evil there, no comfort from considering whether we are a little less contentious, a little less idolatrous than our neighbors.”
~ Frederick Denison Maurice

In honor of F.D. Maurice, an English theologian and Christian Socialist, who died on this day in 1872

This Day in History for 1st April
F.D. Maurice Quotes


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  1. As Paul said, “Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?” …God hates all sin… but not His church, or at least those who call themselves the body of Christ. Today’s church tolerates sin and turns a blind eye to it. Much of the church has lowered the standard of measurement (which is the Word of God) and created it’s own measuring stick of what pleases God. There is a great falling away going……

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