QUOTE (Syngman Rhee) – Mar. 28

March 26, 2014

dok1 / Foter / CC BY

“Those who have been inspired by Jesus move away from their former lives in which they lived only for their own welfare and are sorry for all of the sins they committed to advance themselves at the expense of others. They begin to think of others’ interests, pain, sadness and joy first, and to love each other based on the teachings of the Bible… They say that Jesus is the true grapevine and we are its branches. If the branches are not attached to the grapevine, then no fruit will be produced. In addition, as we all worship one God, we become akin to one body and one family. As such, we begin to work with a common mind and body regardless of where we emanate from geographically.”
~ Syngman Rhee

In honor of Syngman Rhee, the first President of South Korea, who was born on this day in 1875.

This Day in History for 26th March
Syngman Rhee’s Vision and Reality: The Establishment of the Nation and Thereafter


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