QUOTE (George Frideric Handel) – Mar. 23

March 23, 2014

Georg Friedrich Händel

“What a wonderful thing it is to be sure of one’s faith! How wonderful to be a member of the evangelical church, which preaches the free grace of God through Christ as the hope of sinners! If we were to rely on our works–my God, what would become of us?”

~ George Frideric Handel

In honor of George Frideric Handel, German-born English composer of the late Baroque era, whose oratorio “Messiah” premiered in London on this day in 1743.

This Day in History for 23rd March
Quotes by George Frideric Handel

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  1. Had Handel written nothing but the “Messiah” we would still remember him. It is a beautiful and exalting piece of music.

  2. Great quote!

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