QUOTE (Olaudah Equiano) – Mar. 21

March 21, 2014

Olaudah Equiano, aka Gustavus Vassa

In these, and in many more instances, I thought I could plainly trace the hand of God, without whose permission a sparrow cannot fall.  I began to raise my fear from man to him alone, and to call daily on his holy name with fear and reverence.  And I trust he heard my supplications, and graciously condescended to answer me according to his holy word, and to implant the seeds of piety in me, even one of the meanest of his creatures.
~ Olaudah Equiano

In honor of Olaudah Equiano (aka Gustavus Vassa), a freed slave and abolitionist, who petitioned King George III and Queen Charlotte to free enslaved Africans on this day in 1788.

This day in History – March 21
Olaudah Equiano’s Views of Slavery in his “Narrative of the Life”

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