QUOTE (Hudson Taylor) – March 1

March 1, 2014

Hudson Taylor circa 1865

Hudson Taylor circa 1865 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“To every toiling, heavy-laden sinner, Jesus says, Come to me and rest. But there are many toiling, heavy-laden believers, too. For them this same invitation is meant. Note well the words of Jesus, if you are heavy-laden with your service, and do not mistake it. It is not, Go, labor on, as perhaps you imagine. On the contrary, it is stop, turn back, Come to me and rest. Never, never did Christ send a heavy laden one to work; never, never did He send a hungry one, a weary one, a sick or sorrowing one, away on any service. For such the Bible only says, Come, come, come.”
~Hudson Taylor

In honor of Hudson Taylor, missionary for 51 years in China and founder of the China Inland Mission, who landed at Shanghai, China on this day in 1854.

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  2. Oh, that’s powerful. I’ve just been moved to write on a similar subject. May those who need these words of comfort find them quickly.

  3. Brilliant. Today I will enter His rest (Hebrews 4)

  4. Reblogged this on memoirandremains.

  5. I was in Taylor house when I was in grade/highschool! 🙂

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