The Historical Jesus

January 25, 2014

I love the logical approach to defending the historical Jesus.

Biblical Notes

By Mac Deaver

[Note: This piece was first published in October 2013 under title of The Logic of the Case for Christ by the Warren Christian Apologetics Center, reprinted here by permission].

When one faces the question of the historicity of Jesus Christ, he should remember that the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all books of history. And no one has the right to dismiss these books as evidential material concerning Jesus merely on the basis that a claim of divine inspiration is made for them. Their existence as historical documents has to be faced before the issue of inspiration can be considered.

Argument #1:

  1. If (1) A existed and if (2) A said that B existed, and if (3) A is credible, then B existed.
  2. (1) A existed, and (2) A said that B existed, and (3) A is credible.
  3. Then B existed.


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  2. Thank you for sharing this; I love dealing with historical apologetics when it comes to the existence of Jesus; actually I think I like dealing more with the methodological critique of those who reject Jesus’ historicity

  3. Yes! Logic and faith are wonderful bedfellows.

    I was on a Galilee tour bus many years ago with about a dozen others, and we spoke of the reality of things strengthening our faith. One man refused to take part in the discussion, saying his faith was a “private thing.” I suspected his wife had dragged him to Israel, and I was sad that he wouldn’t enjoy the faith-bolstering realities that often involved rational thought.

    Incidentally, the name Mac Deaver rang a bell, so I looked him up, and yes, he and his father (?) Roy have written in things I’ve seen before, and he attended a couple of sister institutions of one of my alma maters. The Deavers tend to be a bit more narrow on certain (less important) issues than I, but it is great to see a logical mind at work here.

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