QUOTE (John Bunyan) – Jan 21

January 21, 2014

John Bunyan

“Conversion is not the smooth, easy-going process some men seem to think… It is wounding work, this breaking of the hearts, but without wounding there is no saving… Where there is grafting there will always be a cutting, the graft must be let in with a wound; to stick it onto the outside or to tie it on with a string would be of no use. Heart must be set to heart and back to back or there will be no sap from root to branch. And this, I say, must be done by a wound, by a cut.”
~ John Bunyan

In honor of John Bunyan, author of The Pilgrims Progress, who was called to pastor a Church Bedford, England. He is in prison at the time for preaching.

Today in Christian History – January 21
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  2. I read John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” and his autobiography “Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners” many years ago. I really identified with his autobiography, because of the way the truth had been divided and taught to me both as a child and a young adult. I was taught by Arminians, and therefore lived a life of conflict and torment with no assurance of salvation…no understanding of God’s unfailing love. Bunyan, too had suffered terrible conflicts and torment.

    It is true that conversion involves pain. All believers will experience pain. But part of conversion is about learning to rest in His finished work, and to be converted from a state of “being careful and troubled about many things” to a state where their “yoke is easy and their burden is light.”

    It greatly pains me that so many people who actually are saved when looking at their flesh begin to doubt that they are still saved or doubt that they were actually saved in the first place..

    Looking Unto Jesus,


  3. Excellent! Too often this is missing and I fear too many will hear, ” Depart…I never knew you.” 😦

  4. Nice

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