December 30, 2013


  1. cool

  2. I have understood about the atheist’s views of Christianity & a Christian’s views too. I have never seen this done before & think it is quite fantastic to read this like you can take words & read them from front to back & then reverse them also. Here is 1: dog to God, or step to pets.

  3. Very cool

  4. I’ve not seen this before. Thanks for posting it. Very unique

  5. I like it

  6. It took a lot of thought to create this. Excellent!

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    I just read this and found it to be a stunningly accurate.

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    I follow this guy’s blog and I’ve never seen this before. I thought it was amazing that someone came up with it and how true it is. Remember to keep those who don’t have a personal relationship with Christ in your prayers.

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    Just want to share this thoughtful work.

  10. Superb! Peace to all in Christ!

    • I agree; it was very well done!

  11. Happy New Year and God Bless! 🙂

  12. WOW! Happy New Year!!

  13. This was really witty

  14. awesome perspective from the bottom up.

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    This is so cleverly done, I needed to share it. I hope the picture comes through.

  16. Wonderful!! Beautifully done!

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    It’s all in your focus – my lesson for 2013,2014,life!!

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  19. Now that took some thinking and processing. Am so glad I read it from the bottom to the top after I read it from the top to the bottom…what a marvelous way to reveal the heart.

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