Phil Robertson Is Far More Judgemental Than He’s Given Credit For

December 20, 2013

Polemics Report

In light of the recent Duck Dynasty/PhilRobertson GQ Magazine brouhaha, I was again struck by the notion that this issue has become the defacto issue in which tolerance and intolerance is decided and where bigotry, discrimination, dogmatism, fanaticism, and prejudice are laid bare. The response from tens of thousands via various social media outlets and calls from the pro-gay juggernauts have been predictable and unsurprising. The cycle has been on rinse, wash, repeat for a long time now. If Christians vocalize that homosexual choices, lifestyles and sexual acts are wrong and incompatible with a biblical worldview, they are vilified as being hateful and vitriolic. Not only that, but instantly the Christian is also accused of tacitly encouraging hatred and violence upon the people that he doesn’t agree with and with whom he has deep and irreconcilable differences with, particularily in how that person expresses their sexuality.

Do the people who lambast…

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  1. That was an edifying read, thanks for sharing this. He brings out a good point, for a world that thinks they know Christianity they often time really don’t.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post, well written and logical. We all would be wise to heed his words and see beneath the political correctness which has gone amuck. We are heading down the path of no retreat I fear for the world does not want to hear the truth.

  3. Thanks for the reblog!

  4. Great post, I agree. I wrote just the other day that Robertson was right and we should judge.

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