QUOTE (Mary Reed) – Dec 4

December 4, 2013

mary-reed1“I have not yet received my assurance of healing; perhaps I can serve my Father better thus.  I shall have the joy of ministering to a class of people who, but for the preparation which has been mine for this special work, I would have been no helper at all; and while I am called apart among these needy creatures who hunger and thirst for salvation, for comfort and for cheer, He Who has called and prepared me, promises that He Himself will be to me as a little sanctuary where I am to abide, and abiding in Him, I shall have a supply of all my need. He has enabled me to say not with a sigh, but with a song, ‘Thy will be done.’

~ Mary Reed

In honor of Mary Reed, a missionary to the lepers of India for 52 years, who was born on this day in 1854.  This quote is her comfort to a friend upon hearing the news that Mary had been diagnosed with leprosy.

Mary Reed – Missionary Example of Glorifying God through Hardships

Today in Christian History – December 4


  1. Thank you for this! So inspirational.

    • You are very welcome.

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