November 27, 2013

Confessions of a Bleeding Heart

Though you’ve been only “help” this far,

We both know what your motives are.

Release me from your iron grip;

There’s nothing left for you to strip.

You claim you’ve caused so little harm,

A slight twist of a willing arm.

You say it’s not up for debate,

That this low life is just my fate.

You laugh as though I do expect,

A life that’s pretty much perfect.

Say all you please, I am no fool.

I know full well, life can be cruel.

But what gives you the right to hate,

The right to force the hands of fate?

Can you expect to truly lead,

When your advice you will not heed?

Like whispers lost amid a din,

Your words can’t rise above your sin.

A ripple starts with just one stone,

And this fallout is all your own.

A course to crash is what you pave;


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