QUOTE – Nov 14

November 14, 2013

Gregory Palamas

Gregory Palamas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The mind of demons, created by God, possesses by nature its faculty of reason.  But we do not hold that its activity comes from Him … The intellect of [non Christian] philosophers is likewise a divine gift, insofar as it naturally possesses a wisdom endowed with reason. But it has been perverted by the wiles of the devil, who has transformed it into a foolish wisdom, wicked and senseless, since it puts forward such doctrines.”
~ Gregory Palamas, The Triads in Defense of Holy Hesychasm (Saint Gregory Palamas on Science and Philosophy)

In honor of Gregory Palamas, a Byzantium monk, who died on this date in 1359.


  1. Never heard of this guy before

    • I had never heard of him before either. I started doing some research and want to get more of his writing.

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