October 17, 2013


sindigestion (sin-di-gest’chen, n.) An uncomfortable condition due to difficulty or an inability to process or digest things not fit for healthy spiritual digestion.

You roll over in bed, still sick to your stomach, hoping the pain will soon subside. You’ve already tried to curl up into the smallest possible ball to alleviate the discomfort, but you just can’t bend any further. Groaning, you realize that your decision to eat the moldy pizza and two cans of Cheese Whiz may not have been the best idea after all! Yes, you’ve got indigestion, and it’s definitely not fun.

Much like the feeling of indigestion, we are susceptible to the negative consequences of bad choices we make in our lives. “Sindigestion” is the unsettling state we find ourselves in when we ingest too much of this present evil world’s influence. When we allow too much negativity into our minds or focus too much…

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