I’ve Been Found by Someone

October 9, 2013

Heavenly Raindrops

I've Been FoundI’ve been left out
Of conversations.
I’ve been excluded
And probably for a reason.
I’m not always loving.
To have friends I must show myself friendly.

I’ve been surrounded
By insinuations.
I’ve been corrected
And usually when needed.
I’m not always perfect.
To have wisdom I must let God fill me daily.

I’ve been misunderstood
By others.
I’ve been rejected
And sometimes by fellow believers.
I’m not always accepted.
To obey God I must withstand criticism willingly. 

I’ve been mocked
By skeptics.
I’ve been ridiculed
And often while standing for truth.
I’m not always popular.
To follow Christ I must do so unashamedly.

I’ve been broken
By trials.
I’ve been tested
And likely to prove my faith.
I’m not always untroubled.
To mature I must endure hardships prayerfully.

I’ve been daunted
By shortcomings.
I’ve been humbled
And always after succumbing to pride.

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  1. very good.

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