“MADONNA’S BABY” – June 11

June 11, 2013

“Why do the wicked live, reach old age, and grow mighty in power?  Their offspring are established in their presence, and their descendants before their eyes.”  Job 21:7-8

Baby's cradleA little more than a decade and a half ago, my wife and I were without children.  This was not by choice.  We had been hoping to be what so many couples seemed to just become.  Yet, the gift of a child remained a mere dream.  Our friends and family would decide to have a baby and a couple months later they were pregnant.  We waited.  We watched the world growing around us and we waited.  Our waiting involved doctors, schedules, temperatures, medication, procedures, and prayer.

My wife and I were on a cycle induced emotional roller-coaster.  We received an unwanted answer to our prayers every month.  The optimism of getting the science right was always ground away in the reality of the elusiveness of life.  The hope of God doing a miracle was dashed against the hard answer of no.  Every month tears would be shed quietly in disappointment.  The question of why, was underlining many a cry out to God.  My wife and I would push back the feelings of hopelessness and try again for another month.  That was our walk through infertility.

It was during one of these low points when the answer of no was still bruising our hearts that the media heralded an event that pierced me through.  Madonna, the “Material Girl”, the woman who had published a sex book, the performer who had been fined for the explicitness of her concerts, was pregnant.

God was allowing Madonna to have a baby.

English: Madonna performing "La Isla Boni...I remember being incredulous about that news.  It was just wrong.  We loved God.  We were striving to follow Christ and glorify Him through this path of infertility that He had given us.  We were children of God and yet this woman, who denigrated the name of the Lord and His people, was being blessed with a descendent.  It was too much.  I was angry with God and the seeming injustice of His plan.  The unfairness of that news was palpable.

I remembering questioning, just like Job, why the wicked prosper.  It is so difficult to wait patiently upon the Lord when those who want nothing to do with God are still healthy and prospering.  They seem to be doing extraordinarily well without God.  It is easy to even start to admire and envy the success and freedom that those who oppose God seem to possess.

We are in trouble if our hope turns to a prosperous and healthy earthly life.  We will struggle if our joy and happiness lies in being materially prosperous between now and the grave.  The reality is that the wicked do prosper and the godly do suffer.  All you have to do is be observant to discover that there are not always detrimental material consequences to sin.  The good and righteous don’t always have the storybook ending in this life.  There are some whose sin does cause them to suffer in this life.  However, there are others whose sin is the source of their material success.

I don’t have an answer as to why the wicked are allowed to prosper on this earth.

“Will any teach God knowledge, seeing that he judges those who are on high?” Job 21:22

I do know that we all, wicked and righteous, will lie down alike in the dust, and the worms will cover us (Job 21:26).  Christ did not come into this world to make our lives better.  He did not become righteousness for us so that we would be prosperous and successful.  He came to save us from the grave and the punishment due our sin.

Death does not respect wealth or poverty.  It is not swayed by age.  It is not delayed due to a person’s happiness nor is it hurried by another’s misery.  Death comes at its appointed time to all.  Our faith in Christ is what matters at that time.  Our hope is for our reward beyond the grave that Christ saves us from.

Until that time, we are clay in God’s hand.  While we are on this earth, God will do with us as He has planned.  He will use circumstances to exposes areas of our lives where we have misplaced hope.  He will use suffering to show us where we love something more than Him.  He may use our misery for others in ways that we will never know.  We may struggle in our existence for a purpose beyond our comprehension.

Are you really ready to teach God how He should run the universe?  Do you think that you can educate God on fairness?  It did not work out well for Job when He tried it.

Our faith is so intertwined with our trust in God.  They are one and the same.  You cannot have faith without trusting in the promises of God.  We are told that God is working out everything for our good.

My wife and I have seen the faithfulness of God in our infertility.  We were blessed with two children through adoption.  He blessed us in a way that we had not anticipated.  I cannot imagine being a dad to anyone else.  I can now see God’s hand working through everything to bring those wonderful children into our lives.  Infertility and all of its disappointments and struggles was part of that process.  Now, I still don’t know why.  I don’t know what God has in store for my kids.  I don’t know the legacy that will come from them being raised and loved by my wife and I, but I do know it will be good.

My hope and prayer for them is that my Redeemer will be theirs; that their hope will be as mine, beyond the grave in the everlasting and loving arms of Jesus Christ.

I do know that God’s plan will be so worth it all.

PRAYER: Lord, thank you for giving me a hope that is beyond this world.  Forgive me for getting so focused on what is happening to me that I lose focus on who You are.  Thank you for having a plan that is for my good.  Help me to endure well for your glory in all that you have called me to be a part of here on this earth.  Lord, use me; mold me; make me into a vessel of value for your kingdom.   I pray this in the precious name of your Son, Jesus Christ.   Amen.


  1. Beautiful, insightful, honest, uplifting. Thank you, JD, for sharing your journey. You obviously touched a lot of hearts with this one. Praise God for the fruit of your heart-felt writing!

  2. Oh this is really good. These moments here on Earth will soon pass away but our life is something beyond this existence into an entirely different age where all the years spent here in whatever struggles we face will be only a drop in the ocean of eternity.

    • Amen! Well said

  3. “A Vessel of Value” – that is so precious JD, and the abundance in that would be so far greater than we could ever imagine! Your words are so beautifully expressed with such a depth of heart. How blessed you, and your children are in the love of the Lord. By the way, I love the book of Job – chapter 38 is one of my favorites. God has blessed you with his truth, with His love. ~Amen :Y

  4. Reblogged this on A DEVOTED LIFE and commented:

    My Bible reading plan took me through Job 21 today. My meditation returned me to familiar questions on vs. 7-8 and then I realized that I had written on these verses before. Therefore, I thought that I would share what a young me was able to remind my older self of.

  5. Greatness. Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. I remember having the same question as you and was confronted with the same answer… Who am I to give counsel to the Maker of heaven and earth? The One who has me in His heart since day one, who knows all the days of my life and whose plans are higher than anything I could ever imagine…

    God bless…

  7. This is probably the best post I’ve read you wrote brother. Wow. I know there are people in my circle that would be edified reading this.

  8. Amen! To God alone be the glory for this uplifting message.

  9. This post is an encouragement and a revelation to all who read it. May God bless you

  10. God is good! How wonderful that He blessed you with 2 precious souls. The clay can’t dictate to the potter – why do we always try to do that? Trust and obey. Small words. Big task. And SO worth it. Bless you and your family JD.

  11. Thank you for this teaching. I am a long term committed Christain. I am too busy to read your blog every day but I read when I feel led. I separated from my husband last year because he is abusive and controlling. Our 13 yr old son lived with me. I stupidly thought my husband who is also a Christian would do what’s best for our child. By force our child now lives with him and I am not allowed to have any contact with our child. I cannot see God’s hand in this. I am not a bad mum, never abused anything or anyone. I am now suffering with depression and on medication… I cannot fathom how to get on with my life without my child when I know he is in that house and not dead… I’ve never been good at pretending or living a lie. I wonder has God done this because I love my child too much. Is he using this to teach my husband something. Plz everyone plz pray for me and this situation.

    • Hello Donna G. I am so sad to hear that you are depressed and on medication for what you are going through. May the Lord help you to throw yourself upon Him and trust that He knows best in every situation, like JD and his wife did… will pray for you. May God bless you

    • Dear Sister in Christ
      I wish I had words that could be written to take your pain away. I wish I had understanding that could reveal the purpose behind all that you are experiencing. I have echoed your own plea to our mighty God and will continue to do so.

      Please allow me to encourage you with what I do know. You have not been abandoned; your Savior is with you. God is still on His throne; all things are possible through Him – pray in faith. You have not reached the limit of our Redeemer’s grace; His grace goes beyond the distance of the east from the west. You can make it through this; your strength will come through the Spirit as you need it. You are loved; you are a child of God with a Father in heaven who is love. He loves you more than you can even comprehend. The pain that you are experiencing is not because God does not love you. Lift your eyes up to the hope that sustains us beyond this world. Drink in the peace that passes all understanding. Cling to the firm foundation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as everything in your life is turning to shifting sand.
      May God richly bless you.
      JD Blom

    • I just prayed for your circumstance. I don’t know why things are going on the way it is, but I’m praying for you and God’s grace to carry you through and Lord willing for the circumstance to change. When you say your child is with him by force did you mean legal or physical?

    • Thank you. Your prayers are comforting. I let my child live with his Dad so that he wouldn’t be shuttled back & forth between 2 houses every second day as my husband was demanding. It was upsetting our child too much. I also was not strong enough to stand up to my husband and say no. Now he has our child he has gradually, (over 2 mths at Christmas time) turned our child against me. I have not had any contact at all for 4 months. My husband is refusing to let me have any contact. I phone and he won’t answer, I went to the house and he said no and wouldn’t unlock the door. There is a legal process for this but it is painfully slow. I was too weak from the abuse now even more so and not sure if I can cope with court trial & stuff. I asked in writing for 1 hr per week in a public place and for child and myself to attend counselling and he said no. Plz continue to pray.

      • I just prayed for you again this evening and came on here to see if there’s anything new.

  12. Very encouraged by your story.

  13. awesome testimony!

  14. I praise God every day for this blog. God is using you to encourage His children here on earth. Thank you for your faithfulness to His leading.

    • Lyn
      Thank you for the encouragement. I am so glad that these words are an encouragement to you.
      God Bless!

  15. Thanks for sharing, JD. I cannot imagine what our lives would be like without my three wonderful nieces, each adopted separately from China; I cannot imagine what their lives would have been like had they stayed in their respective orphanages. They have blessed us in ways that only God knows. Adoption is a love unlike others, one more noble. Blessings on you and your wife for adopting.

  16. I have said this to others and I will say it again here because I have to maintain this mindframe: At 48 and never married, I can pray for a husband, but I am neither entitled nor is He obligated to bless. Who am I?

  17. Thank you for sharing this. I am in a space right now where this really helps to support me. And, just as a coincidence, we also have two children through adoption. One of their birthmothers actually said to me, “I believe that this is your child, that God had me get pregnant so that this child could come to you.” I’m sure that going through her pregnancy and making a plan for adoption wasn’t easy, but any means, but her faith still astounds me.

  18. Very good words today. Thanks for sharing your story of heartache — but through your tears and fervent prayer – the Lord has blessed you with two children to care for. That’s pretty awesome.

  19. This really resonated with me today .. thank you and God bless you and your family!

  20. Thank you for sharing your touching testimony. God is supreme and has plans for our lives that far exceed anything we could do for ourselves! Blessings~ Msinop1.wordpress.com (Marty) ❤

  21. God’s mysteries are so complex, we can’t understand them. I am happy that you adjusted so well. Phillipians 4:8, right?

    • Amen Brother – Philipians 4:8 is a perfect verse.

  22. There is so much in this broken world that is beyond comprehension. I used to try and figure out and question things like this until I began a relationship with God. Now when I start questioning things, I instead turn my eyes to Him and just trust. It brings me a sense of peace that’s beyond worldly understanding 🙂

  23. As always, you speak to my heart with your reflective, faith-based writing. Thank you.

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