Behind Our Pain

June 7, 2013

Confessions of a Bleeding Heart

A quest for something more:

Just what am I here for?

My Ever After tale,

My knight in shining mail.

But all I’ve found is pain,

Amid the pouring rain.

A cross for me to bear,

I’m lost in my despair.

There’s One who bore it all;

There’s One who took the fall.

But still there is no rest;

On earth we are but guests.

To follow after Him,

Takes more than just a whim.

To death His love did lead;

For us His veins did bleed.

The depths His love does reach,

The words He came to teach,

Remind me of what’s true:

There’s life beyond the pew.

To suffer is our due,

For we have been made new.

To chase what can’t be seen,

Does take a heart that’s keen.

We face the road ahead,

Too mindful of our tread.

If only we would boast,

And offer up…

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