WHAT I LIKED – April 13

April 13, 2013

The following are some of my most favorite internet waves from my surfing the web the last couple weeks.


As we grow in the knowledge of God’s holiness, even though we are growing in the practice of holiness, it seems the gap between our knowledge and our practice always gets wider. This is the Holy Spirit’s way of drawing us to more and more holiness. ~ Jerry Bridges


I love testimonies of our God’s amazing mercy and grace.  I love to hear of the wonderful road to salvation that he draws his children along.  My Journey: Atheist…to New Age…to Christ.

Depression is a battlefield of faith.  This is a wonderful reminder that God is with us when we are low.  “He will care for us while in our despondent state, but He will not allow us to remain there. He will tell us to get up and eat. Then, He will tell us to go. He has prepared works for us to do, whether it’s raising a child with special needs, homeschooling different ages of kids, working to support a family, caring for a sick relative, bringing a meal to someone who just suffered loss, praying with someone who has been abandoned by her spouse, or sharing the gospel with friend. Though spiritual depression can seem so paralyzing, we must, by His grace, get up and go, and He promises to be with us.” Struck Down but Not Destroyed

I am a fan of the reality TV show Duck Dynasty.  This presentation of the gospel makes me like Phil Robertson even more.  Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Preaches a POWERFUL Sermon – Perfect For Easter!


The wonderful saving work of Calvary!  Upon a Hill

We so desperately need to get past the masks that we create.  Mask


Most of you will have probably seen this video but it is worth another watch.  It is a good reminder to look beyond ourselves.  Little Jack Hoffman an inspiration to Nebraska football


This article gave me some very good food for thought.  My writing is more along the lines of what these individuals do not like; “…narratives with emotional hooks, bolding and italicizing things occasionally, metaphors, potent images, rhetorical questions, and so forth.”  It is good to be reminded that we should work to follow the example of Biblical testimony in our writing. “Biblical testimony is not intended to subvert the intellect, but engage it, as well as the more affective dimensions of our souls. Paul gave his own testimony to be sure, creatively used potent imagery, and so forth, but then gave a sustained biblical argument that can be followed, disputed, and wrestled with.”  Somebody Stop Me If I Start Doing This (A Thought on Blogging)


This is a skill that I need to work on.  I started to swim off into oblivion on two occasions in my last open water swim.  Thankfully, the folks in the canoes were kind enough to alert me to my poor route choice by banging on their boats but I did waste a lot of precious strokes.  The Right and Wrong way to Sight and Breathe

It is good to remember that triathlon is a competition that involves complete fitness.  Our training should include more than just the swim, bike, run.  Strength Conditioning, A Triathletes Secret Weapon


This is the best and most honest answer as to why cyclists are so inclined to seek out the razor.  Why Shave Your Legs

I had never really thought that much about what all my muscles are doing in terms of biomechanics.  The idea that our minds start searching for different muscle combinations to perform a task when fatigue starts to set in is fascinating.  It explains why the 10% rule is important.  The 10% rule is the principle of not increasing distances by more than 10% at a time.  Injury is more likely when you rip off big chunks of great distance.  The reason might be is that you are relying upon these other muscle combinations that are not conditioned for that sort of stress.  Injury: an incorrect solution to the human movement problem


I know that there are people out there who love to run.  I can appreciate the benefits of running but I cannot say that I love it.  My issue with running is the first ½ mile.  It  is sort of miserable.  No matter how much warming up or stretching that I do (and I have tried the spectrum from none to 30 minutes worth of running preparation), that initial start is a battle between my body screaming in protest and my mind whipping it forward.  This article is not much help other than the reality of – Just Deal with It.  6 Tips to Push Past the Pain


Here is just a little history lesson that I did not know.  The History of Freestyle

This is so true and counter intuitive.  The more I relax and work on gliding through the water, the faster I go.  I am no Alexander Popov but he is a great example of how to get through the water fast.  Swim Slowly to Swim Fast like Alexander Popov


There is something comforting in knowing that even experienced gardeners in making a successful garden have to remember this article’s direction – mass and scale.  6.  The Best Gardening Advice- Practical Experience


The musician cannot begin his performance until the craftsmanship has completed his.  The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca


I don’t know how this dunk is even possible.  Doug Anderson dunk

I love videos of the earth from space.  They always remind me to check my perspective.  We have been blessed with an amazing world to live in.   Time-Lapse | Earth

I did not get any new home construction ideas from this article.  However, it is pretty incredible how they hewed this monastery into the side of a mountain.  Vardzia Cave Monasteries


I love the colors of this photograph.  Pawel Kucharski

If hands could tell a story, then I am sure that these hands have a long tale to tell.  Robert Muller


There is just something about puns, even bad ones, that make me chuckle.  Puns for Educated Minds

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  1. I have been very encouraged, reading your blog. May the Lord continue to use your writing for the advancement of His kingdom! Thank you for the mention of my post!

  2. I read the post, “Somebody Stop Me…” about blog writing. Great insights. Thanks for passing it on.

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