The Story of JD

April 13, 2013

In my last post, I was meditating upon the Apostle Paul going in front of the Roman court and providing his defense.  I was inspired by Paul’s example to be prepared to give my own defense of my faith.  Therefore, I stated my intention to prepare my testimony of what I believe is the most important message  anyone who comes to this blog will read.

My story is about the wonderful work of God who saved me from a punishment that I had earned.  My story is a testimony to God’s amazing work of salvation.  I welcome you to read it at The Story of JD.


  1. Hi Dan,

    I don’t know if you read this post or not. Somehow I missed it . Pretty interesting.

  2. […] The Story of JD […]

  3. Wow, our stories have such common threads, yours is articulated very well, thanks.

  4. My testimony is much the same. I was always known as a good-to-shoes while I was growing up for into my adult life. But when I came to Jesus, I ran down the aisle as if I was the one being born. (I already had 4 children and remember well the throws of their birth.) Our testimony is more simplistic than the ones I’ve heard over the years. Maybe it’s not as traumatic as others, but it is none the less as extraordinary. God Bless.

  5. Thank you friend. Anyone who magnifies the Savior and presents Him as the only hope of salvation and joy is the friend of all mankind. What flows from your keypad is worth reading.

  6. Amen… the grace of God is amazing. Thank you for sharing your story.. because I love to hear them. Everyone has a story worth telling. Some years ago, while in a Sunday School Adult class, I told a couple of things from my life. Raised with parents who drank, fought, destroyed the house (many times). My step-dad beat my mother horribly for 10 years. He molested me for some years, and when I moved out, he started in on one of my little sisters. We knew no calm-safe haven in the home. Having told a bit of my own upbringing and where the Lord had me ‘today’, one woman said she had nothing to offer. She had a Christian home to grow up in, was a good girl, no drama or trauma..etc. She felt blank, and kind of awkward. The truth behind all of that is normally, it’s the ‘outsiders’, those just coming to the Lord, feel the awkward-stuff. Here’s my point……… God placed a beautiful, loving, sweet Believer in my path to mentor me. It was someone who had also grown up in a loving Christian home, with no chaos, safe, compassionate and she went to church her entire life. She was the very best ‘first’ Jesus example to me. She loved me even though I had this massive-mess going on inside of me. While I walked in self-condemnation for the first 3 years of going consistently to church, she gently reminded me that God loves me. She gracefully loved me even when I said wrong things, in a wrong way. For me,… the Lord knew how badly I NEEDED that example on how to live life in a better way. And I am so thankful for that. Because of your story, it just brings a refreshment to me. Thank you.

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