“YOU FOLLOW ME!” – Feb. 17

February 17, 2013

“Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you?  You follow me!”  John 21:22

MultitaskingI recently read an article about how our brain functions.  I was particularly interested to read about the studies on multitasking.  Multitasking has been espoused as the best method for us to get the most accomplished.  Research is showing that is actually not the case.  They have found that our brains can’t do two cognitively complicated tasks at once.  When you are multitasking you aren’t actually doing two things at once.  Your brain is focusing on one task and then jumping over to another task.  It is splitting its focus.  The more tasks you demand of your brain the more jumping around it is going to do.  They have found that it takes about 50% more time or longer to complete two or more tasks at once.

Multitasking doesn’t actually save time.  We are better off to focus on one task.  Complete that task and then move on to the next task.  The best solution is to give ourselves ample time to focus and just think.  That is when our brains will flourish.

It seems to me that many believers suffer from a similar type of multitasking malady.  We live in an incredible age.  There is so much information flowing to us.  We have world-renowned authors and teachers available on ebooks and podcasts.  We have newsletters from our Church, para-church ministries and missionaries.  We have commentaries and the writings of theologians from previous centuries available at the click of a mouse.   There are so many great things that we can be involved with.  We can participate in the ministry opportunities of our Church, volunteer at pregnancy resource centers, serve at food kitchens, mentor trouble teenagers, speaking and writing.  All of those activities can be wonderful manifestations of the love of Christ through His body.  There is such an incredible stream of information and opportunities flowing to us.

It can become over-whelming.

There are some folks who try to take it all in.  The problem is that all of these activities can create a troublesome pattern.  It is easy to allow the vibrancy of our faith to be directly connected to the release of the next best-selling author.  We can go in search of our motivation and excitement in the fresh insight or the dynamic.  We can allow our faith to be driven by the emulation of the spiritual formula of another.  Many of these folks bounce from one passion to the next passion to the next passion but never seem to bounce forward.  They seem to continually be in search of what they should do and be.

Another response to the bandwidths of information and myriads of opportunities is to shut it all out.  There are wonderful things that God is doing throughout the world and in our communities.  There are wonderful words that are being written for our generation.  There are insights from generations past that are timeless and exceedingly beneficial to our souls.  There are resources that we can use to redeem many a mind numbing commute or waiting room.  Yet, many folks have given up because it all seems to be too much and have in essence stagnated.

I think that many of us would benefit from meditating upon the words, “You follow me.”

We all have a specific and individual purpose in this life. What it looks like for me to follow Christ will not necessarily look the same for you.  I think that it is healthy to stop the multitasking and to give specific time for the Spirit to guide our souls to obedience to Christ’s command. 

“You follow me.”  Do you know what it means for you, as an individual, to follow your Lord and  Savior?  You need to know.  We all need to know what it means for us as individuals to follow Jesus.

Jesus is the only one who can tell you what that path looks like for you.  It doesn’t matter what other people are doing around me.  It doesn’t matter what all the famous people may be telling us what we should be doing.  What matters is that I am being obedient in following the path that Jesus is leading me down.  He is calling me, “JD follow me.”  He is calling you:

“You follow me.”

It is so easy to let our focus drift to what other people are doing.  It is so easy to think that our path must be the same as their path because it looks like it is working for them.  It might be that you are called to the same path as another person.  The Holy Spirit might confirm that the path Christ has called you to follow is alongside this other believer.  However, it is still your path – “you follow me.” We are not following some more mature believer.  We are following Christ.  That means there may be times when we are on the same path as others but there might be times when we are on separate paths.

I don’t know the answer for anyone other than myself.  However, I do know that if you don’t spend time alone with your Savior the tendency will be to bounce around living off other people’s faith or stagnate and not move at all.  Just like we need to give our brains time to focus on one task, we must give our souls time to focus on our Savior and following Him.

“You follow me.” That is what Jesus is calling out to each and every child of God.  Seek our Lord and allow him to confirm or correct the path that you are following

PRAYER: Lord, I need you this day and every day to guide me.  Thank you for calling me to follow you.  Thank you for giving me a path to follow.  Lord, help me to focus on you and what you are guiding me to.  Father, thank you for all the wonderful servants and teachers that you have given your Church.  Fill me with your Spirit so that I am sensitive and obedient in following you on a daily basis.     Amen


  1. […] “YOU FOLLOW ME!” – Feb. 17. […]

  2. Jesus expected us to go into our “closets” and get quiet and seek communion with his Father so that we would know what to do next. Surely that’s not asking too much, even today – especially today. Thanks JD.

  3. Keep up the wonderful piece of work, I read few content on this internet site and I conceive that your web site is rattling interesting and holds lots of superb information.

  4. Thank you, JD. It’s a little scary to take that first step of listening for God’s voice. It requires tuning out everyone else, which was tough for me. But, my goodness, there’s nothing like following God firsthand, instead of looking to others, and there’s nothing sweeter than hearing his voice for myself.

    By the way, thanks for sharing the info regarding multi-tasking. That was very informative…and convicting. I’m rarely present when I’m doing 3 jobs at once. I’m inspired to slow down. Thank you.

  5. Great post brother…this echoes the theme I have been preaching at my church. I used this exact verse a few weeks ago, and have been repeating the basic message since then. We have just merged with the Hispanic congregation that shares our building, and we are excited that this will inspire a surge in SERVANTS.

    • It is a wonderful message that we all need to continually come back to. That is exciting news to hear about the merger of congregations. I pray that God will prepare the hearts of the individuals in both congregations as the become one. Stay strong in the Lord Brother. JD

  6. JD I appreciate you so much. I am always encouraged by you. There are people that I cannot wait to see in heaven and you are one of them. When we see each other in heaven, you will understand why, In the mean time take good care my kindred in Christ!

  7. This was just what I needed today. I had been struggling with feeling like I needed to become more involved to grow my faith and just earlier today made the decision for myself to instead focus where I truly feel called by God and to pray and grow closer to God that way rather than joining as much as possible. Very well stated. Thank you!

    • I am so happy that our Lord could use these words to confirm the direction that He is taking your heart. May He richly bless you as you follow Him. JD

  8. Well said–clear, understandable. I just need to do it. Thanks for the gracious reminder. And thanks for liking my blog.

  9. Needed this today. Keep up the good work!!

  10. Hello! I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! You can find the rules of this award at this post …http://firefliesandblessings.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/very-inspiring-blogger-award-thank-you/

  11. Once again, JD, eloquently put… and, once again, Jesus gave me just what I needed to hear today. Thanks for being his voice.

  12. Oh yes… the peace and comfort we find in following Christ… thank you for the reminder!

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