Memorizing Romans 8 – Jan. 30 Update

January 30, 2013

I have not done very well these last 20 days in my progress of memorizing all of Romans 8 ( “WILL YOU TRAIN WITH ME? – Dec. 29th” ) .  I have only added five more verses.  I got all out of whack with my memorizing times and sort of lost steam.  I have to admit that the reasoning behind making my public post is serving its purpose.  I was very tempted to bail on my goal this last week.  That is when I was reminded that the purpose of this exercise it to store up God’s word in my heart.  Hey, I got five more verses stored up.  I praise God for that.

Romans 8 vs 1-15 pg 2



  1. Be encouraged! 5 verses is great. If you can do 5, you know you can add the next 5.

  2. Awesome JD. You have inspired me once again. For the past several months I haven’t given serious consideration to memorization. Over the years, I have found that memorization is very difficult (at least for me)apart from on-going meditation. If I meditate on it long enough, I get it – even if I have to go over the same verse several hundred times. It has far more to do with desire than any other thing.

    I Peter 1 and 2 peter 1, are two of my favorite passages (among many:)

    “Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.”


  3. I memorized Romans 8 years ago, but did not review often enough and “lost” it. You’ve inspired me to begin again! I decided to work on just 3-4 verses per month. Perhaps slow and steady will store the passages in long-term memory, not short-term. By year’s end I’ll have met my goal. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. I love that you made your plan to memorize a public thing. I have a weird memory; when I try to memorize, I don’t do well, when someone says I should memorize, I do worse. I can’t recite all the Books of the Bible due to struggles (being stubborn?) about memorizing them. I applaud your five verses and pray your success!

  5. Reblogged this on Churchless Pastor and commented:
    This is a very interesting idea. Have you ever tried to memorize a large portion of Scripture? How did it go? What did you find?

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    I am definitely going to train with “A Devoted Life” cant wait to exercise my mind and soul!

  7. Find some one who will hold you accountable every day or once a week! My son and I are doing 1 Tim and without me he would never add any verses and without him I would probably call it good. Memorization is so good… you and your accountability partner will be blessed as His Word does not return void 🙂
    Keep it up. Stand strong. Push on.

  8. There is, therefore now, no condemnation…
    Keep up the good work.

  9. I love this idea! I have never read the whole bible! I really need to! That is one of my goals! I wish you good luck on this journey! You can do it! I will be following your progress 🙂 So don’t fail us 🙂

  10. You have me remembering a friend who once wished that all of the Bible had been set as praise songs. “Then I’d have no problem remembering it all,” he lamented.
    It is remarkable how much a musical line can aid the memory process.

  11. Good For you! What method are you using to memorize scripture? I remember starting off at Matthew. I would memorize from top and then from bottom. I really need to get back into the memorizing habit!

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