January 23, 2013

Confessions of a Bleeding Heart

In faith this life begins and ends,

Through all the journey’s twists and bends.

Directing steps along the way,

And pointing to a brighter day.

In dreams alone we place our stock,

And seal them tight with chain and lock.

But losing sight of the end goal,

Prevents a soul from being whole.

To live without eternal hope,

Will drain one of the strength to cope.

A world without a greater plan,

Is left to die by whims of man.

A life with limits so confined,

Is to remain forever blind.

The minutes tick down to demise,

As souls commit to swallow lies.

But faith reveals just what is true,

Yet is embraced by just a few.

The threat of death is not the end,

But merely just another bend.

A voice in time that calls us home,

That fills the need for which we roam.

No longer will we…

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One comment

  1. A very beautiful poem indeed.

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